The Stroke Center – Dallas

The Stroke Center – Dallas provides a specialized center of excellence for both research and rehabilitation of stroke and traumatic brain injury. We offer a unique opportunity by providing outpatient treatment and research programs designed to help the rehabilitation of stroke and traumatic brain injury patients as well as provide hands-on training for TWU graduate students.

The mission of The Stroke Center - Dallas is to:

  • Establish evidence-based practice in stroke through clinical research trials
  • Train students in state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation approaches
  • Provide short-term and long-term outpatient rehabilitation

The Stroke Center - Dallas continues to conduct internationally recognized research and train the next generation of speech-language pathologists.

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Funding and costs

The Stroke Center - Dallas is a university-based clinic that provides research and treatment with funding provided by grants and contributions. While the Stroke Center does not charge patients for any services, donations and contributions are accepted and always appreciated.

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My uncle is excited to start at the Stroke Center, and we appreciate all of your time, effort and attention to detail you put in your process, evaluation and care plan for him. We are so glad we found the Stroke Center! Caregiver

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