The Stroke Center - Dallas is a lifesaver for my wife. She found companionship and comfort in knowing that she was not all alone. She found hope and experienced love. Life was worth living again. The center also provides a monthly support group for caregivers whereby everyday life issues are shared and supported. - K.T.

My uncle is excited to start at the Stroke Center, and we appreciate all of your time, effort and attention to detail you put in your process, evaluation and care plan for him. We are so glad we found the Stroke Center! - Caregiver

"We are so appreciative of the program. It has helped us so much. My mom is doing so much better because of this therapy." - EF's Family

I love the TWU speech program. Its variety of instruction and exposure to different clinicians helps me the most. - EG

My sister loves this program. I see the improvement in her speech and her mental health. Her vocabulary has increased and she's a lot more verbal. Thanks for all you do. - BB's family

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