Student Prosperity

Elevate student prosperity into the heart of all we do

Educate a woman, empower the world

Texas Woman's focuses on the whole person to help our students thrive. Moving beyond wealth, prosperity embodies a fullness of life. To best meet the needs of our students, we seek to prepare them to enter their chosen field, expand professional and social networks, promote positive physical and mental health, and plan for financial reality. With this foundation, at the heart of all we do, students can build lives based on their individual needs, goals, and circumstances.

Texas Woman’s University is dedicated to equipping our students with the tools to become engaged leaders and global citizens. We strive to provide our students with an environment, enveloped in care, that celebrates their diversity, while building them up as both individuals and as part of a community. Our commitment to academic excellence and integrity is the foundation of our drive for student prosperity. With campus collaborations and a multitude of interdisciplinary and social events, we endeavor to provide deliberately crafted interactions and experiences that are offered contributing to student’s physical, mental and academic health.


In 2023-2024, the committee reminded students, faculty, and staff members on what it means to have students at the heart of the university.

The committee focused on its first two strategies:

  • Identify resources by campus
  • Expand community/networking

Identify Resources

At the beginning of the year, faculty, staff, and administration were surveyed on the campus resources available to students. The information provided helped the committee work with Student Life to update an existing website with relevant information. The website will be updated with information as it is provided by campus organizations.

  • To raise awareness of the resources page, student leadership and new students will be provided a branded owl sticker that will include a QR code and a message that TWU provides helping services. This sticker will be given to orientation leaders, resident assistants, and other student leaders. The committee will also distribute the stickers on the three campuses at orientations and events. Before fall classes begin, a flyer will be created to post in student-focused areas on campuses (i.e. lunch rooms, study areas, etc.) to catch students who did not receive a sticker.
  • To promote further dissemination of the resource page by faculty and staff, the committee will maintain a campus Google-drive folder with a printable flyer version of the sticker, syllabus language, Canvas language, a quick facts sheet, and more. Information on accessing the drive will be provided yearly to student service and academic programs.

Expand Community and Networking

To expand the sense of community, the committee focused on finding ways to bring the campus community together around the shared goal of educating and supporting students, as a reminder that students are at the heart of the mission. Through the “Thankful” Campaign, in fall 2023, the committee reached out to faculty and staff, through TWU emailing lists and to students through digital signs. Everyone was asked to remind others why they are thankful. Through the “Why we love TWU students” campaign, in spring 2024, faculty and staff at multiple campuses were asked to share why they love working with TWU students. Posters and signs were placed around all three campuses.

TWU faculty and staff holding thanks posters

"Thankful" Campaign Posters

The committee is exploring expanding membership to include experts in student finances and wellness.

Success Measures

  • Assess student resources and identify gaps on all campuses
  • Create a comprehensive list of resources that meet students’ basic needs, security, and well-being
  • Promote community engagement prior to a student’s arrival through their time at Texas Woman’s
  • Establish networking channels for student access to resources

The Team

  • Vik Arunkumar - Co-Lead
    Associate Director, University Housing & Dining, Denton
  • Jennifer Danley Scott, PhD - Co-Lead
    Lecturer II - Social Sciences & Historical Studies/JNIWL, Denton
  • Charlene Adams
    Assistant Director, Student Life, Houston
  • Lydia Dillen
    Assistant Director, Student Life, Dallas
  • Monique Lemieux
    Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food Sciences, Denton
  • Alli Peterson
    Associate Director, Center for Development, Design & Delivery, Denton