Members of the Design Team for Texas Woman’s Strategic Plan 2028 were selected and charged with shepherding stages of the plan’s launch and deployment across campuses and constituencies.

Our ultimate goal is to design, evidence, and publicize frameworks and accomplishments that engage and enact Texas Woman’s University’s Momentum as we grow our capacity for influence and impact.

In serving the nation’s largest university primarily for women, the Texas Woman’s SP28 Design Team facilitates the many ways faculty, staff, and administrators demonstrate individual and collective Momentum that makes a difference both locally and globally.

Underlying values for the Design Team include honoring Texas Woman’s

  • Previous Strategic Planning Team (SP22) and its powerful accomplishments
  • Multi-campus systemness
  • Unique profile among universities in Texas, the U.S., and around the globe
  • Attention to the needs of our diverse constituencies
  • Culture of inclusiveness informed by intersectionality
  • Insistence on transparent & timely communication
  • Commitment to balancing work with re-creative time and activities

An initial task involved convening all Imperative and Enduring Initiative leaders, liaising with them and their teams as needed to create compelling content for a website launch at the beginning of the 2023-24 academic year. Ensuring cohesive and clear communication across Imperatives and Initiatives has been a crucial contribution of Design Team members working as liaisons to their respective groups.

Planning is underway for accomplishing other key goals centered on the theme of Momentum and our slogan, “Connecting in Motion.”


  • Facilitate creation of the SP28 website
  • Provide Momentum Focus talks to representative groups
  • Design and host celebratory Momentum Awareness events
  • Communicate Success Measure results using internal and external channels
  • Initiate and maintain a feedback loop mechanism to factor results and practice lessons into a continuous improvement process

Success Measure

  • Develop and maintain website
  • Monitor attendance and feedback resulting from communications and campaign engagement
  • Track Momentum-focused publicity (web and media stories, social media campaigns, etc.)
  • Submit periodic reports to Board of Regents

The Team

  • Chad Smith, Ph.D. - Co-Chair, International Initiative Liaison
    Professor, Communication Sciences and Oral Health & Co-Founder, Future Classroom Lab
  • Sharon Bailey - Co-Chair, Research Initiative Liaison
    Administrative Assistant, COPE Associate Dean’s Office & Immediate Past-President, Staff Council
  • Emarely Rosa-Dávila, Ph.D., MSW - Social Impact Team Liaison
    Associate Professor of Social Work & Undergraduate SW Program Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences & Affiliate Faculty of Psychology, Woodcock Institute
  • La'Bradford Harold - Student Prosperity Team Liaison
    Associate Director Development Student Life & Athletics & Corporate Partnership & Denton Chamber of Commerce Liaison
  • Dewaynna Horn, Ph.D. - Systemness Team Liaison
    Associate Dean, College of Business & Professor of Management
  • Christopher Johnson - Partnerships and People, Processes & Culture Initiatives Liaison
    Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor and President
  • Christy Savage - Family Matters Team Liaison
    Project Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Jennifer Woo, Ph.D., CNM/WHNP, FACNM - STEM Opportunities Team Liaison
    Assistant Professor, Nursing