Our Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

MWGS Faculty Statement of Support

Originally posted on Facebook on June 5, 2020, in honor of Breonna Taylor's birthday

In honor of Breonna Taylor's birthday today, we publicly condemn white supremacy and the police murders of people in Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities of color. We join everyone in our department and across the world who are seeking ways to deepen our commitment to challenging the long and ever-present histories of state- and police-sponsored violence and white supremacy that disproportionately target, injure, and kill minoritized peoples. The recent police murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor is the culmination and continuation of these histories. We also join those who are engaging in protest, whether it involves donating funds, marching in the street, emailing and calling elected officials, creating art, teaching yourself and others, or having conversations with friends and family. And we recognize that the current protests are the culmination of legacies of resistance and survival that have emerged from communities facing oppression, colonization, genocide, and other forms of dispossession.

There are wonderful resources created and compiled by academics and activists, some of which we wanted to offer as we, together, find ways to rupture and transform the status quo. We are also including a link to the official National Women's Studies Association's statement, with which we stand in solidarity.

Anti-racism resources

In solidarity,

Agatha Beins and AnaLouise Keating

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