Writing Counts

Research shows that students who receive regular, intensive writing feedback outside of class and who set aside time to write in supportive small group environments are more likely to succeed. Even professional writers depend on readers to help them improve, and all writers develop as a result of talking, thinking, and engaging in sustained writing activity with others.

For this reason, all TWU First-Year Composition courses (ENGL 1013 and 1023) will require students to participate in our Writing Counts program by attending three out-of-class consultations over the semester. Because everyone’s preferences, schedules, and learning styles are different, students may choose among a variety of consultation formats.

The Writing Counts program is suspended for the foreseeable future. However, the Write Site will continue to support all First-Year Composition students in their writing.

Workshop Location

Writing Counts workshops are located in the Write Site.

How to make a Write Site Appointment for Writing Counts Workshops (pdf)

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