About Us


The Write Site is TWU’s comprehensive writing center. We serve the writing needs of the university community by:

  • providing direct, individualized writing assistance to students with any aspect of the writing process
  • maintaining a wide variety of resource materials related to writing instruction
  • making the center and its staff available for faculty members’ classes
  • sponsoring a variety of special workshops, seminars, and summer camps related to the writing process
  • and by offering online assistance for distance learners through the OWL (Online Writing Lab)

The Write Site’s graduate and undergraduate writing consultants are committed to serving students from all educational backgrounds with the goal of fostering growth and maturity in the individual writer and the TWU community.


Tutoring is offered in support of classes and not as a replacement for classroom instruction. Our services are designed to support learning objectives of the core curriculum, such as guiding students through the writing process (invention, organization, drafting, revision, and editing); assisting students in writing for various audiences and purposes; assisting students in employing critical thinking for exposition and persuasive writing; and assisting students in writing in various modes of expression. Additional assistance may be offered on topics such as improving grammar and usage skills, understanding the proper uses of documentation styles, understanding the meaning and dangers of plagiarism, and helping non-native speakers with writing in English.

Tutoring centers are not permitted to assist students with examinations without permission from their instructor. Students should ask their instructor to contact Dr. Russell Greer, Interim Tutor Coordinator, at rgreer@twu.edu or 940-898-2118, to give permission or if there are questions about examinations.

Page last updated 4:14 PM, September 25, 2023