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Check out TWUStudent Health 101, your go-to guide for getting through college, brought to you by TWU Student Health Services. 

Student Health 101

We’ll provide you with research-backed content on health and wellbeing topics, such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, study strategies, sleep, relationships, money management, and more.

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Mindfulness for beginners, a simple game to get started with meditation

Mindfulness for beginners: A simple game to get started with meditation


Fitness U Pyramid Training

FitnessU: Pyramid training

Francilla Brito Silva

We are pressured to make money, work hard and compete, forgetting that we also need to enjoy life, family and nature...this energizes our souls. Health and wellbeing gives us more energy to study and work. Our challenge is to teach the TWU community how to embrace it for life.

Francilla Brito Silva

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