Spend Well Resources

Online and On Campus Resources

  • The TWU CARE Office offers programming throughout the year focused on Financial Wellness.
    Also included is a link to Cash Course, a free online service that can assist in budgeting and money management. 
  • The TWU Financial Literacy Department was established in April 2019 to help students manage their financial wellness by providing resources, workshops and the advice they need to avoid unexpected financial constraints. Contact Chalese Connors at cconnors@twu.edu or 940-89-3511 for questions, concerns or resource assistance. 
  • TWU Career Connections provides students and alumni access to a variety of services. A big part of financial wellness is planning your career path and positioning yourself in the labor market. They offer a wide range of services, including online one-on-one consultations and webinars, that can assist you with your resume, interviewing, and networking.
  • Lex Talk Money podcast talks about financial topics important to students. Available through their the AssessLex website, Apple Itunes or Google Play.

Money personality

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There are four common money approaches: worship, avoidance, vigilance and status. Take a quiz to find your personal approach. By NerdWallet, a free money management tool.

Money script

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The Money Script assessment is a short assessment designed to help you gain insight into your own money belief system. Knowing yourself better is the best starting point for making changes and improving your overall financial health. Offered by Your Mental Wealth financial advisors. Their services are not free, but the assessment is.

Money quiz

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Take the money psychology quiz to reveal your relationship with money. There are 6 money personalities. What makes you tick? Managed by Empower, a money managing app.

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