Peer Communities

TWU has a variety of peer support communities and groups that are intended to bring students together for support, social connection and fun. These peer-led groups provide a safe space for students to share their lived experiences and provide emotional support to each other. Come get connected and find your place here! Find out more about them below.

HOPE: Helping Other PhDs Excel

Are you a doctoral student at TWU and looking for a supportive group? HOPE serves as a safe and confidential network to help doctoral students manage the challenges that arise during this exciting, but stressful chapter in their lives. Support group meetings can cover topics such as self-care, research committee navigation, etc.

See Pioneer Engage for meeting details. 


Grad Student Parenting Pioneer Support (PEEPS) Community

Navigating parenting and grad school can be a juggling act. At times the additional responsibility enhances motivation and creates laser focus and clarity. And other times the demands associated with these two aspects of our identity seem to be on a collision course. It’s at these times that we really need our PEEPS. The purpose of the peer-led support group is for PEEPS to meet up to exchange information and knowledge we have gained through our experiences, offer one another support and encouragement, and take time to make new connections and enjoy one another’s company.

This group will meet every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. beginning February 15. Meetings will be virtual. Participation is not limited to the meeting. Those who can’t attend are invited to connect with peers via GroupMe and/or to participate in activities that will occur at various times this semester. Times and dates TBD.

Participants are also encouraged to coordinate social gatherings with one another outside of our regular meeting time.

Staff Liaisons:

Jessica Burchfield, CARE Office (

Amy O’Keefe, CARE Office (

Meeting Time: Every other Tuesday 4-5 p.m. starting Feb. 15

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 1219 3569

Maintaining Emotional Health

The Maintaining Emotional Health support community will bring together people with a shared commitment to maintaining and enhancing their resilience and emotional health. At times, college is stressful; and there are not many spaces where students can just come together to support and encourage one another to live healthier and more balanced lives. Whether it’s coping with academic stress, combating critical self-thoughts, or managing the normal ups and downs of everyday life, this peer-led community will meet every other week to share thoughts and ideas, practices, readings/writings, and/ or other creative expressions.

This is not a therapy group, but rather a community devoted to intentionally lifting one another up and inspiring one another to engage in healthy self-care practices.

The group will meet every other Monday at Noon beginning February 21. Participation is not limited to the meeting. Students who can’t attend are invited to connect via the Group Me and/or to coordinate social gatherings with one another outside of our regular meeting time.

Staff Liaisons:

Amy Allison, Student Health Promotions  (

Stephanie Brown, Student Life (

Meeting Time: Every other Monday noon-1 p.m. starting Feb. 21

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Meeting ID: 960 6450 9336

Passcode: 043891

New TWU Transfer Student Community

New TWU Transfer Student Community is to bring together students who have recently transferred to the university to make new connections and engage over topics that incoming transfers may face. Transfer students bring a unique blend of college and life experiences that we will share and expand as we support one another in the transition to your new academic home.

This peer-led group will serve as a vehicle for sharing information, encouraging one another toward your academic and personal goals, finding your way at TWU and making new friends. This group will meet every other Wednesday at 3 p.m. beginning February 16. Meetings will begin virtually over Zoom with plans to meet in person as the semester progresses. Participation is not limited to the meeting.

Students who can’t attend are invited to connect via GroupMe and/or to participate in organizing in-person social gatherings outside of these meetings to bring members of the community together.  

Peer Support Communities at TWU provide a safe space for students to share their lived experiences and provide emotional support to each other.

Staff Liaison:

Crystal Romero, Student Life (

Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday 3-4 p.m. starting Feb. 16

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 9289 9503

Passcode: 330267


TRIBE: A Black Student Support Group

Name: TRIBE: A Black Student Support Group

Support Group Contact:

Social media: Instagram - @twutribe

Co-Founder Contact Information:

Cindy Okemwenkhase (

Tamara Starling (


TRIBE is a peer-led Black student support group. It currently exists as a virtual space in which students can discuss various topics related to or informed by the Black experience and the effects on their individual mental health. TRIBE was created by the students, for students. It came into being at the peak of racial tension in America during the summer of 2020. The Co-founders realized that Black students needed a place to talk about their emotions and experiences without being/feeling exploited which, at the time, did not consistently exist at any of the Texas Woman’s University campuses.

What is the purpose of TRIBE?

  • To create a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where Black students can find comfort in sharing experiences, exploring their identity, and building community through our support group modalities.
  • To become a point of reference for TWU students for information on the Black student experience and related issues, such as microaggressions in the classroom/work, signs of Black exhaustion, racial identity, emotional regulation, self-care, coping strategies, and more.
  • To provide information regarding the influence of the Black experience in education and to start conversations in the community or on campus pertaining to discriminatory systems and practices on campus via various venues, to include but not limited to, virtual and in person workshops, tabling on campus, social media campaigns, and community outreach.


TRIBE hosts virtual support group sessions (via Zoom) for undergraduate and graduate students who identify as Black across all 3 Texas Woman’s University campuses. Sessions are hosted during the Fall and Spring semesters. In addition to biweekly support group sessions, TRIBE also hosts campus and community events, and programming while partnering with other campus leaders, departments, and organizations.

Students can RSVP via Pioneer Engage or email the TRIBE team at  to participate in support groups sessions.

Participants do not need any additional supplies and may receive any handouts necessary for the session via email from the TRIBE co-facilitators.

TRIBE hosts 4-7 sessions each semester and either hosts or participates in at least two events each semester. TRIBE events are open to the entire TWU and local community.

Swipe Out Hunger

In collaboration with Housing and Dining, Chartwells, and CARE, the Health and Wellbeing Initiative is pleased to announce that Swipe out Hunger is being established at Texas Woman’s University. Be on the lookout for their next giving campaign, where you have the opportunity to donate up to two meal swipes to help our TWU peers in need!

 In the meantime, check them out on Pioneer Engage to make sure you stay connected.

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