The New TWU Website

In January 2016, we (Marketing & Communication) began working with mStoner, a leading digital marketing agency in higher ed, to overhaul the university's public website ( When we began the project, most of the websites that make up were managed in an outdated content management system (CMS) known as "RedDot" running on an unsupported server (Windows Server 2003).

Over the following 20 months, we worked closely with a web design and development team at mStoner to define a new strategy for the website and to design and build a new set of website templates that bring up-to-speed in look, feel and functionality.

Along the way, when RedDot became unstable and it looked like the chance of its catastrophic failure was increasingly likely, we were forced to make site migration our top priority. With much help from all around the university, we successfully completed the migration from RedDot to our new CMS ("t4") in a timely way, and we were able to decommission RedDot in July 2017.

Now that nearly all the university websites have been migrated into t4, we need to follow-up and "flip" sites into the new templates we developed with mStoner. This process began back in April 2017, when we launched the College of Nursing website in the new templates, but we took another big step forward in August 2017 when we launched the new TWU home page in the new design, with its leaner, more visual layout, and its new focus on prospective students and the general public as its primary audience.