2018 North Texas Digital Fabrication Symposium

Humanizing the Digital

Texas Woman’s University

April 20-21, 2018

(Non)Standard Exhibition Call for Artwork


The 2018 North Texas Digital Fabrication Symposium will be hosted at Texas Woman’s University April 20th-21st, 2018. Artists, researchers, makers and students will come together at TWU to discuss digital fabrication, its practice, pedagogy and curation. The theme Humanizing the Digital inspired fascinating proposals from artists and researchers working with digital fabrication in a variety of applications.

The symposium events will include panel discussions of 5-6 panelists organized around three subthemes: Embodiment & Technology, Adaptation & Play, and Process & Practice.


Six workshops, scheduled each afternoon of the symposium, give participants hands-on application and learning with digital fabrication tools.

TWU will also host a corresponding Digital Fabrication Exhibition including works by some of the artists and presenters from the symposium. The artworks represent a broad spectrum of practice within the wide world of digital fabrication applications: physical, speculative and functional.

Panel Discussions

Embodiment & Technology: How do digital fabrication and physical computing relate to the body? This panel deals with body augmentation and aesthetics in regard to protheses, and also includes more speculative considerations, such as cyborgs and interspecies communication.

  • Frankie Flood (Moderator)
  • Hector Siller
  • Brittany Ransom
  • Sophie Kahn
  • Caitlin Skelcey

Adaptation & Play: Explorations of adaptive playful approaches to digital fabrication and interaction. How do we integrate opportunities for adaptation and reconsider failure as a generative playful practice?

  • Nick Bontrager (Moderator)
  • Jeff Donaldson
  • Dickie Cox
  • Niki Selkin
  • Gregory Cook

Process & Practice: How are digital fabrication processes impacting individual studio art practice? This panel brings together artists and researchers working across processes and techniques.

  • James Thurman (Moderator)
  • Andrew Scott
  • Jonathan Hils
  • Gabrielle Duggan
  • R. Eric McMaster


Space is limited, please register early!

Day 1

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Guided Mis-use: A Tangible Introduction to Small Electronics and Reactive Sound-Generation

Gregory Cook

What happens when your access is lost to the complex tools necessary for the creation of digital work? Can you start or continue a studio practice from scratch? For next-to-nothing? In this workshop, I give strategies for building a low to no-cost digital studio practice from scratch utilizing found or rescued hardware, and open-source software (Ubuntu Linux and a suite of free/open-source creative software for visual work, sound recording, and synthesis).

Creating Microscopes for Cell Phones

Brittany Ransom

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to create a custom microscope for their cell phone using laser cutters and 3D printers. This workshop utilizes Adobe Illustrator and Fusion 360 (free 3D modeling software) and is suited for beginners with little to no modeling experience. This workshop is suited for 20-25 participants.

Data Weave

Gabe Duggan

This workshop gives participants an introduction to digital Jacquard weaving in creative practice. Looking at the history and evolution of technology applied to traditional fibers techniques such as weaving, participants will get to experiment with a Tronrud TC2 loom, as well as learn software processes for pattern making.

Day 2

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Conscious Machines: An Exploration of Work in the Machine Age

xtine burrough & Sabrina Starnaman

Conscious Machines is a workshop that combines craft and technology to study the embodied crowd worker in today’s virtual factory. It bridges the space between digital job platforms and communities of learners in discussions about labor and bodies. Workshop attendees become invisible laborers—like workers of the sharing economy—who craft and design the voices of crowd workers or their own voices for a pop-up exhibition onsite in the TWU workshop space, or for a keepsake to use as an example for a future class assignment.

Handcrafting Soft Circuits

Niki Selken

Making Crafts in A Digital Economy focuses on ways to bring crafts into digital learning spaces. Beyond the value of crafts as creative practice and art, they provide a respite from the tyranny of the screen in learning environments where students primarily engage with computers to learn/make. From soft circuits to pen and paper drawing we will examine the ways educators can incorporate "working with your hands" into spaces of digital learning and why that is valuable to the creative process of code based education.

Artistic Use of CNC

Frankie Flood & Travis Donovan

This workshop will focus on harnessing the power of 2.5 axis and 3 axis CNC milling machine for an aesthetic intent. It is easy to be become overwhelmed by the numerous options that most CAM software packages allow the user to set. In this workshop, you begin to understand the effects of these parameters and how the user can become empowered by the process of programming via CAM software.

Address and Directions

Fine Arts Building (ART)
302 Pioneer Circle
P.O. Box 425589
Denton, TX 76204

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The Fine Arts Building is located off of Pioneer Circle at the corner of Texas St. & Oakland St.

From Dallas:

Take I-35E to Denton. Take exit 464, which becomes Dallas Drive. Stay on Dallas Drive, which passes under a railroad bridge and curves to the right, where it becomes Bell Avenue. Continue on Bell Avenue. After crossing McKinney Street, Bell Avenue will curve to the left (you must be in the left lane to make the turn). Ahead of you will be the TWU campus with its distinctive high-rise buildings. Follow all orientation parking signs. You will be given information on parking via email prior to your orientation.

Due to construction on I-35E you may want to visit 35express.org to get the most up-to-date information on traffic delays.

From Fort Worth:

Take I-35W to Denton, exiting at University Drive (US 380). Turn right on University Drive. Follow University Drive to Bell Avenue, which runs through the TWU campus. Turn right on Bell Avenue. Follow all orientation parking signs. You will be given information on parking via email prior to your orientation.

US 380 is the major east-west thoroughfare in Denton. Known in the city as University Drive, it borders the northern edge of the TWU campus.

TWU's high-rise buildings are visible for miles, so keep an eye out for them as you approach Denton!


You can purchase a parking pass during Registration for an extra $1.

The parking lot is located at the corner of Texas St. and Oakland St. 

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