Graduate Degree Programs in Art with a Concentration in Ceramics

Looped prom dress ceramic sculpture
"Prom dress" by Anastastia Gabriel. Porcelain under glaze, glaze and luster.

Earn your M.A. or M.F.A. in Art with a Concentration in Ceramics.

Our ceramics concentration will introduce you to clay as a medium with a great deal of cross-disciplinary potential within visual arts. Current practice in this field extends into every other area of artistic practice, including installation art, video, graphics, interactive media and all traditional media. As a student in our program, you will be encouraged to explore and exploit those connections. 
In order to make those connections accessible and attainable, our graduate program will give you new perspectives based on the connections to other media, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital media and design. In addition, moldmaking, kilnbuilding and glaze chemistry are occasionally taught as part of our summer course schedule rotation. 
Philosophically, the ceramics concentration is inclusive of both sculptural and design-based approaches, challenging you to find a unique direction and then develop it to its highest level. You will be required to develop self-sufficiency in technical areas by taking responsibility for your own firings, and learning a variety of other skills that will allow you to continue to create high quality ceramic artwork after leaving the academic environment.

Apply today

  1. Review and complete the university’s General Requirements for Graduate Admissions.
  2. Complete the following TWU Department of Visual Arts requirements:
    • Apply online through at
    • Submit the following items on SlideRoom:
      1. Brief letter of intent
      2. Brief artist statement
      3. Current vita or resumé
      4. 3 letters of recommendation
      5. Personal interview with chair or faculty advisor
      6. A portfolio of 20 images of original work (submitted online) for MA/Graphic Design and MA/Studio or MFA/Studio only.
      7. Two scholarly research papers for MA/Art History and MA/Art Education specializations.
  3. Review the application preference deadlines listed for "Art".
  4. If you have met all of the above requirements, complete the graduate school application process.

For students seeking credit for coursework 1) completed under a prior degree plan or 2) in another graduate program, both a written letter of request to the committee and an official copy of the transcript must be submitted at the time of application for admission. Requests should list the courses being petitioned for inclusion in the new degree plan. Up to 12 hours may be considered for acceptance at the discretion of the graduate faculty committee and must be emailed to, subject line: Graduate Applicant, Letter of Request.

Graduate admission prerequisites

Typically, an applicant in Studio Art has completed an undergraduate major in art including the minimum coursework stated below. However, if this coursework has not been completed, the departmental graduate committee and primary advisor may determine exemptions and deficiencies and design a program of study. For Art Education, typically an applicant has art teacher certification. All course work deficiencies must be completed before the student begins graduate coursework.

  • Design (6 semester credit hours)
  • Drawing (6 semester credit hours)
  • Painting (3 semester credit hours)
  • Sculpture (3 semester credit hours)
  • Art History (12 semester credit hours)
  • Major area of concentration (12 to 24 semester credit hours)

Academic requirements & acceptance to candidacy

Once admitted and enrolled, students must maintain a grade of B or higher in any course within the area of concentration. Courses with a grade of C or lower do not count toward the student's area and must be repeated. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained for the last 36 hours of graduate coursework. Prospectus may be repeated twice; a third enrollment requires approval by the Graduate Committee.

12-hour review

After the initial admission, students will complete a 12-hour review for candidacy to the program.

Close up of a bronze, looped ceramic sculpture
"Golden puffer" by Anastasia Gabriel. Porcelain under glaze, glaze and luster.

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