12-Hour Review

Requirements and acceptance to candidacy

Once admitted and enrolled, students must maintain a grade of B or higher in any course within the area of concentration. Courses with a grade of C or lower do not count toward the student’s area and must be repeated. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained for the last 36 hours of graduate coursework. Prospectus may be repeated twice; a third enrollment requires approval by the Graduate Committee.

12-Hour review

After the initial admission students will complete a 12-Hour review for candidacy to the program.

A 12-Hour review is required after 12 and no more than 15 completed resident semester credit hours in the primary area of study. Materials submitted for the 12-Hour review will be evaluated based on standards of professionalism and competency within their concentration area. Students are required to submit all 12-Hour review materials to their major professor two weeks in advance of application to the 12-Hour review. Continuation in the program is contingent upon successful completion of the 12-Hour review.

SlideRoom 12-Hour review applicant

The following must be submitted through SlideRoom (https://twuvisualarts.slideroom.com/#/Login):

  1. Portfolio of 20 labeled images of work (Studio Major), or two scholarly research papers (Art History), or two samples of professional writing in Art Education (Art Education)
  2. Current Transcripts
  3. Degree Plan
  4. Artist Statement (Studio Major only)
  5. Current Vita

At the completion of all deficiencies and satisfactory completion of the review, the candidate is admitted to the graduate program unconditionally. Failure to apply for the review within the 12-15 completed hours time requirement may result in a hold being placed on the student’s registration.

Requirements if the 12-Hour review is not passed

If the student does not pass the 12-Hour review:

  1. The student may be reviewed again during the next scheduled review
  2. Additional coursework taken in the primary area are considered leveling courses and do not count toward the degree until the student has satisfactorily passed the review

The student may reapply for the 12-Hour review only one time (total of two). Students who do not pass the 12-Hour review on the second attempt will be removed from the program.

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