New or Revised Undergraduate Program Approval Flowchart

Download the New or Revised Undergraduate Program Approval Flowchart (pdf)

Before starting this process:

  • Talk to the area component leader and college dean, especially if proposing a new program.
  • New bachelor’s degree programs must comply with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) standards and should address job market need, degree requirements, marketable skills, resources, costs, and more.
  • Contact the Office of Academic Assessment to develop or revise the assessment plan as needed. The new or revised assessment plan is required to be submitted in the new or revised undergraduate program workflow.
  • If proposing a new online/hybrid program, or proposing a change in delivery mode for an existing program from face-to-face to online/hybrid, the proposal must be approved by the Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) before the proposal can go to the Provost. Talk to Dr. Lynda Murphy, Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology, about this before starting the workflow.
  • Any changes to the number of credit hours in a degree program are required to be reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Increases to the number of credit hours in a program will require a rationale and THECB approval. Prepare the THECB Semester Credit Hour Change Form and upload into workflow with the revised program request.
  • New undergraduate certificates over 20 semester hours require the Certificate Program Certification Form to be submitted to THECB. Fill this out this form and upload in the workflow with the certificate request.
  • Submit any new course proposals or modifications to existing courses in inventory required for the new or revised program to the curriculum committee. The curriculum committee process will happen simultaneously with the new or revised program review process.
  • Submit any new courses or existing courses for core curriculum and/or global perspectives via Undergraduate Studies to be routed through Undergraduate Council, Provost’s Office, and the THECB (core curriculum only).
  • Review new or modified degree plans with Academic Component Leader, Director of Transfer & Compliance, and any department that might offer similar outcomes for the proposed degree.

Once completed, the identified representative may submit their proposal via the Undergraduate Studies Academic Programs Workflow:


Submit through workflow – a confirmation email will be received by the person who submits the request.

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Academic Component Leader

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College Dean/Representative

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Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships

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Undergraduate Council

  • Program Review Committee (reviews first)
  • Executive Committee (reviews second)
  • Undergraduate Council (final review and recommendation)

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Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships/Provost

  • New online/hybrid programs or existing programs requesting a change in delivery mode to online/hybrid will be sent to the Provost for approval only after Distance Education Advisory Board approval.
  • New degree programs or certificate programs require notification of other public institutions of higher education within a 50 mile radius of the proposed location of the new program 30 days before submission to the Coordinating Board. Objections must be resolved before submitting requests to the Coordinating Board.

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Board of Regents (when applicable)

Required for new degree programs

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Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (when applicable)

THECB approval required for:

  • New degree programs
  • New certificates over 15 credit hours
  • New educator certificate program in a disciplinary area in which the institution already offers an undergraduate degree program
  • Increase in SCH, coding, designation, or title for a degree
  • Core curriculum changes (annual)

If the proposal is rejected at any stage of the workflow, an automatic notification is sent to all parties.

Once the proposal reaches final approval, a notification will be sent to all in the workflow as well as representatives from the Office of Academic Assessment, Academic Advising, Registrar, Admission, Admissions Processing, and Marketing.

For questions regarding this process please contact Rachelle Land, Director, Transfer & Compliance at or x3309.

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