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TWU Regents approve faculty promotions and tenure


DENTON/DALLAS/HOUSTON – The Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents approved promotions and tenure recommendations at its quarterly meeting June 6 in Dallas.

Associate Professors Dr. Anne Koci (nursing – Houston) Dr. Ann Medley (physical therapy – Dallas) and Dr. Parakat Vijayagopal (nutrition and food sciences) were promoted to professor and granted tenure. Associate Professor Dr. Sheri Dragoo (fashion and textiles), Dr. Kimberly Miloch (kinesiology), Dr. David Rylander (school of management), Mark Sandel (social work), Dr. Richard Shuster (music) and Dr. Shannon Scott (psychology and philosophy) were promoted to professor.

Associate Professors Dr. Cynthia Evetts (occupational therapy), Dr. Holly Hansen-Thomas (teacher education) and Dr. John Nugent (school of management) received tenure.

Assistant professors Dr. Husny Amerih (occupational therapy), Dr. Tamby Allman (communication sciences), Dr. Pei-Fen Chang (occupational therapy – Houston), Dr. Laura Green (communication sciences), Dr. Gretchen Hoffman (school of library and information studies), Dr. Shanil Juma (nutrition and food sciences), Dr. Anna Magie (fashion and textiles), Dr. Jyutika Mehta (communication sciences), Dr. Kimberly Parker (health studies), Dr. Sandra Westmoreland (biology) and Dr. Jian Zhang (mathematics and computer science) were promoted to associate professor and granted tenure.

Assistant clinical professor Kimberly Mory (communication sciences), Dr. Anne O’Donnell (physical therapy - Houston) Nola Schrum (nursing – Dallas) were promoted to associate clinical professor. Clinical instructor Deborah Nolan (nursing – Dallas) was promoted to assistant clinical professor.

Newly hired faculty who were named professor with tenure were Dr. Shane Broughton (Chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences), Dr. Sharon Denham (Doswell Endowed Chair of Nursing – Dallas), Dr. Anita Hufft (Dean of the College of Nursing), Dr. Celia Lo (Chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Work) and Dr. Jonathan Olsen (Chair of the Department of History and Government).

Several retiring faculty were awarded emeritus status by the Regents. Dr. Ann Stuart was named chancellor and president emerita. Dr. Nan Restine, dean of the College of Professional Education, was named dean emerita. Dr. Sharon Olson, professor and director of the School of Physical Therapy was named professor emerita. Dr. Jack Gill, professor of chemistry, and Dr. Reginald Rezac, professor of accounting, were named professor emeritus. Dr. Charles Costello, associate professor of physical therapy, was named associate professor emeritus.

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