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TWU posts 2.7 percent enrollment gain


DENTON — Enrollment at Texas Woman’s University is up 2.7 percent to 15,135 students, marking TWU’s eleventh consecutive year of enrollment growth.

Most importantly, TWU’s total semester credit hours are up 2.8 percent to 150,083 hours. Student credit hours, not headcount, are the basis of the university’s state funding.

Dr. Richard Nicholas, vice president for student life at TWU, attributes the rise in enrollment to more incoming freshmen and the increased retention of undergraduate students.

TWU’s new freshman class of 1,186 students is the largest in university history, up 13.5 percent from last year. Overall undergraduate enrollment is up 4.5 percent – with sophomore, junior and senior levels also seeing gains.

“In these times where affordability has become an increasingly important factor in choosing a college, students and their families are picking TWU because of our quality, price and overall value,” Dr. Nicholas said. “Once students come here, they are staying here because of the university’s focus on student success.”

TWU’s retention is up 1.4 percent with 10,888 students returning to the university.

Enrollment breakdown by campus:

Denton – 12,416 students

Dallas - 1,446 students

Houston – 1,273 students

Enrollment breakdown by level:

Undergraduate – 9,451 students

Graduate – 5,684 students

All numbers are based on preliminary 12th class day data.

Media Contact:

Amanda Simpson
Director of Media Relations

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