TRIO SSS Classic


The TRiO SSS Classic program connects with students in meaningful ways to assist them in meeting their educational and post-graduate goals. Services are provided to eligible students who are first-generation, low-income and/or have a disability.

In addition to receiving academic support towards successful completion of your bachelor’s degree, you will be provided with tools to explore in-demand jobs, graduate school programs and increase your financial literacy.

This program is federally funded by the Department of Education and is dedicated to the retention and success of TWU undergraduate students.


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Program objectives

  • 84% of all participants served will persist from one academic year to the next or will have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • 85% of enrolled participants will remain in good academic standing
  • 42% of new participants served each year will graduate with a bachelor’s degree within six years

Measured standards are both ambitious and attainable as defined by the TRiO SSS Classic grant


Services available exclusively for TRiO SSS students

A woman working on a calculator and computer at her dining table.

Financial Literacy 101

Gain knowledge, skills and coaching that will prepare you to make informed financial and economic decisions.

A young girl smiles happily while a young woman helps her study. Text reads 'start the semester strong., a service of The Princeton Review'™ connects students with expert online tutors who can help with math, science, business, English, history, writing and more. Tutors are available 24/7! logo

VirtualJobShadow allows students to explore, plan, and prepare for their careers through hundreds of day-in-the-life videos portraying a variety of careers

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