Quality Matters

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, faculty-driven peer-review process used to ensure the quality of online and blended course design. The Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric is a set of standards dedicated to the continuous improvement of online learning and course design, and can be used in a variety of ways to help instructors develop, redesign, and assess their online and hybrid courses.

A well-designed course is more likely to engage learners and improve performance and engagement in your course. Using the QM Rubric as a resource and guide, you will partner with Teaching and Learning with Technology, a Quality Matters certified team, and experienced online instructors to receive fresh ideas and specific feedback to evaluate the design of your course and ensure it meets QM Standards. Learn more about Quality Matters

TWU has been a subscribing member of QM since 2007.

Becoming Involved with Quality Matters at TWU

If you are interested in Quality Matters and how to improve your online and hybrid courses, email TLT@twu.edu, or call 940-898-3409, about how to get started with the following opportunities:

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop

The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop introduces participants to the Quality Matters (QM) process and rubric. The workshop facilitator will present information about the rubric and peer review process and guide participants through a series of activities designed to promote understanding of the quality standards and to give hands-on experience in applying these standards to the review of an online or hybrid course.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, instructors are eligible to participate in Higher Ed Peer Reviewer Course and Certification training, online from Quality Matters.

Internal Quality Matters Reviews

Internal Quality Matters Reviews at TWU examine courses using the full Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric. Reviews follow the same guidelines as a Quality Matters Official Collaborative Peer Review, but are conducted at TWU using two QM Certified Peer Reviewers or Master Reviewers in Teaching and Learning with Technology. The Internal Quality Matters Review is designed to be a positive experience and will provide one-on-one interactions that give you new insights into your course. Learn more and start your Internal Quality Matters Review.

The Internal Quality Matters Review will take 8 to 9 weeks and successful completion will achieve the TWU-Quality Matters Mark in your course and prepare your course for the Formal Quality Matters Review.

Formal Quality Matters Reviews

A Formal Quality Matters Review is a QM Official Collaborative Peer Review. You must complete the Internal Quality Matters Review before starting a Formal Quality Matters Review. As the instructor and course designer you will get specific and constructive feedback throughout the Formal Quality Matters Review process to meet QM Standards and achieve QM Certification.

Completing the Formal Quality Matters Review process shows your commitment to create a culture that is focused on quality assurance and continuous improvement at TWU of online and hybrid courses. Contact TLT to work with the TWU Quality Matters Coordinator (QMC) and submit a well documented and constructed QM Course Review Application. While your application is being reviewed the QMC will compile a team of three QM Certified Peer Reviewers, including a Master Reviewer, a Peer Reviewer from another institution/university, and a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Learn more and start your Formal Quality Matters Review.

The Formal Quality Matters Review will take 4 to 6 weeks and successful completion will achieve the QM Certification Mark in your course and be recognized on the QM website.

Internal Academic Component Reviews

Course quality is the responsibility of each TWU academic component focusing on effective online and hybrid courses designed to impact engagement and ensure students achieve the defined learning objectives. To assist academic component leadership in this effort, a quality assurance service is offered by TLT to guide continuous improvement of course quality:

  • Internal Academic Component Review - provides data and information using the QM Higher Education Rubric to inform evidence-based decision making to improve course quality of online and hybrid courses. An Internal Academic Component Review examines some or all of an academic component’s online and hybrid course offerings. This review selects a subset of 8 General Standards and 43 Specific Review Standards from the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric, and may be customized to incorporate additional standards at the request of the academic component.
  • Formal Report - documents the results of targeted standards that were identified to improve the course quality of online and hybrid courses. Individual courses are reviewed by a TWU QM Certified Peer Reviewer using the abridged and/or customized rubric. After all identified courses have been reviewed, a formal report is provided to academic component leadership.
  • Continuous Improvement Plan - the results of an Internal Academic Component Review will highlight strengths and pinpoint opportunities to establish a continuous improvement plan that includes Internal Quality Matters Reviews and customized instructor professional development, designed, developed and facilitated by an instructional design partner.

Learn more and start your Internal Academic Component Review.

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