Professional Development

Our office will design workshops, on request, on topics related to teaching and learning using technology. In addition, we offer regularly scheduled training on a wide range of teaching and learning issues.


Training will be offered in face-to-face (F2F) and online formats. Registration is required for face-to-face training because space is limited. There will be a registration link below each offering if registration is required. Registration will close the day before each training date or when the training is full.

Online Training Access

  1. Learn how to prepare your computer and interact during the training.
  2. Access the live online training in Blackboard Collaborate. Please sign-in using your first and last names.

Fall 2019 Training

Canvas Progress: Creating Dynamic Instructional Materials

This workshop features a Canvas course whose looks are changed in an effort to enhance the ease of use and transform the student experience. This is accomplished using  the "Extreme Team" of Canvas features to organize and format content, embedding images, linking to videos, inserting course files and following several universal design practices.

Register today!

October 22 | 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | Dallas, Room 6500

Canvas Progress: Using Analytics to Inform Instruction

This interactive workshop demonstrates the analytic capabilities of Canvas, and allows instructors to practice using rubrics, outcomes, data, and analytics to inform instructional decisions. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Canvas users.

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November 7 | 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Denton, ACT Room 503

Canvas Open Lab

Need help with Gradebook in Canvas? Want to finalize your course for the semester? Have questions you want answered about Canvas? We are here to help. No appointment necessary. The TLT Instructional Design Partners will be waiting. Registration is not required.

Face-to-Face Option:

December 2 – 5 | 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Dallas, IHSD 6605
  • Denton, Stoddard Hall 307
  • Houston, IHSH 6112

Online Option:

December 3 & 4 | 4 – 7 p.m.

Access the live online training in Blackboard Collaborate. Please sign-in using your first and last names.

Canvas for Graduate Assistants

If you plan to use a graduate assistant, let them know about this self-paced, online course to get started using Canvas.

Course objectives include:

  • Creating Announcements
  • Understanding Assignment Settings
  • Grading with Grades and SpeedGrader
  • Using Roll Call Attendance Features
  • Reviewing the Course with Student View

Any GA can self-enroll using these access steps:

  1. Enroll in Canvas for Graduate Assistants [TWU Username and password required for sign-in]
  2. Select the blue button to the right that says "Enroll in Course."
  3. On the next page, select the blue button to the right that says "Go to the Course."

Note: GAs will need a Canvas account to access the training. Any GA that doesn't have a Canvas account should contact the Service Desk.

Online Training Through Canvas

Online Training Through Canvas offers instructor training webinars. There are over 30 different topics that you can attend online. Sessions are interactive, allow some hands-on experience, and are taught by Canvas trainers. These sessions will allow you to go into greater depth on a variety of topics and trainers will answer a number of questions in the sessions.

Spring 2020 Training

Spring training dates will be available after November 11, 2019. If you need assistance, please contact Teaching and Learning with Technology at 940-898-3409 or email us.

Basic Canvas Course Design

This interactive workshop introduces instructors to the foundations of Canvas. Learn how to navigate the Canvas Dashboard, understand the Canvas course user interface, create content, know the options available for assignments, quizzes, and discussions, and see how to communicate with students using the Inbox. We recommend taking the Instructional Design in Canvas workshop next.

Canvas Collaborative Space Workshop

This workshop introduces faculty and staff to the Canvas Collaborative Space. The Collaborative Space is used to interact with students registered in your academic programs. Procedures and tips are presented for adding and removing students, sending messages, and working with groups. To attend this workshop you need to be a member of a Collaborative Space assigned the responsibility to manage student enrollments for academic program(s) in the Collaborative Space.

Canvas Progress: Measure Student Learning Outcomes

This interactive workshop works with instructors to create SMART learning objectives, identify ways to assess student's learning experience, and efficiently record grades. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Canvas users.

Canvas Progress: Quizzes and Rubrics

This interactive workshop teaches instructors how to use rubrics and outcomes to provide student feedback. There is also a hands-on training for creating assessments that align with learning objectives. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Canvas users.

Canvas Progress: Using Multimedia and Videos

This interactive workshop is designed to explore the pedagogy of interactive content and learn how to create accessible, interactive multimedia content in courses using Canvas and Panopto tools. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Canvas users.

Classroom Technology Workshop

This workshop allows you to operate the classroom podium equipment including audio and video settings, the projector, the document camera, and how to connect portable devices. Watch your classroom activities come to life in this interactive session.

Communicating with Students in Canvas

In this interactive workshop, faculty and staff work with Canvas features to improve student communication. We will explore the importance of communication policies and practices and the best tools in Canvas to communicate with students. Communication features found in Announcements, Blackboard Collaborate (Web Conferencing), Calendar Appointments, Collaborations, Discussions, and Inbox (Conversations) will be reviewed.

Instructional Design in Canvas

This workshop follows Basic Canvas Course Design and introduces instructors to the tools in Canvas that will enhance student learning. In this hands-on training, learn how to moderate a Quiz; use Student View to review a course; and use Grades and SpeedGrader. Become familiar with using Assignment Groups to weight grades and muting assignments while you are grading. Several ways to partner with an instructional designer are presented to continuously improve your course.

Specialized Programs

Faculty Academy

The Faculty Academy is a venue for new online instructors to learn about course design, develop relationships with instructional designers, and become acquainted with current strategies being used online by TWU colleagues. Learn more about the Faculty Academy.

Pioneer Teaching and Learning Academy

The purpose of the Pioneer Teaching and Learning Academy (PTLA) is to provide expert peer support and a forum for growth/enhancement in teaching and learning. Learn more about the Pioneer Teaching and Learning Academy

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