Instructional Design Partners

The Instructional Designers provides a continuum of pedagogical, course design and course development support to TWU instructors. Our interest is helping instructors make strong courses that meet specific learning outcomes and engage students in the learning process. We can brainstorm ideas, design/redesign learning activities, develop assignments and assessments and support course development in a variety of ways. Instructional Designers work alongside faculty and others in the TWU community to answer questions about teaching and learning through one-on-one consultations, small group work, symposia and workshops.


Design Services

  • Partner with instructors to develop or revise existing courses, lessons, activities, assessments and resources
  • Support faculty in the creation of courses aligned with the Quality Matters rubric and coordinate the formal Quality Matters review process
  • Help faculty write measurable learning objectives and create activities and assessments that align with these objectives
  • Provide support and expertise on a variety of technologies employed in classroom teaching
  • Support faculty and graduate teaching assistants using learner centered course design and offer learner centered feedback in support of stronger course design
  • Offer strategies for creating accessible courses, lessons, activities, assessments and resources
  • Find and investigate tools and techniques to help instructors build stronger courses
  • Support other TWU units needing instructional design support

Faculty Development Services

  • Research and present locally and nationally on emerging trends in pedagogy and educational technologies
  • Learn and share ideas for using new teaching tools and deploying instructional strategies
  • Create and maintain workshops and programs focused on teaching and learning to address the needs of instructors and students
  • Assist faculty and graduate teaching assistants with transitioning to online teaching
  • Host professional development events with nationally and locally recognized experts in teaching and learning
  • Deliver specialized workshops on teaching in an online environment to adjuncts, teaching assistants and faculty
  • Provide specialized faculty development for programs or departments upon request

Contact Your Instructional Designer

The Instructional Design Partners will be meeting with instructors online through Google Hangouts Meet, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Find the instructional designer that supports your department or academic component. Email your Instructional Design Partner if you have a question. If you would like to schedule an appointment:

  • Each Instructional Design Partner has a link to open their calendar and Schedule an Online Meeting.
    • Appointments are 30 minutes long. If you need more time, schedule 2 Appointments.
  • If the Instructional Design Partner calendar does not have an available time that fits your schedule, you can:
    • Send your Instructional Design Partner an email to find a time that works for both of you
    • OR open another Instructional Design Partners calendar to Schedule an Online Meeting.
Denise Lott Arellano

Denise Lott Arellano, PhD

Instructional Designer | Stoddard Hall 315A | 940-898-2263

Schedule an Online Meeting with Denise

I Support: Communication Sciences & Oral Health, Mathematics & Computer Science, Nutrition & Food Sciences Denton, Psychology & Philosophy, School of Health Promotion & Kinesiology, Sociology, Social Work

Audrey Lundahl

Audrey Lundahl, PhD

Instructional Designer | Stoddard Hall 315B | 940-898-3173

Schedule an Online Meeting with Audrey

I Support: College of Business, College of Professional Education (Human Development, Family Studies and Counseling, Literacy and Learning, Teacher Education, and School of Library and Information Studies), Undergraduate Academic Programs

Laura Mirochna

Laura Mirochna

Instructional Designer - Dallas | 214-689-6751 | IHSD 6605

Schedule an Online Meeting with Laura

I Support: Health Systems Management, Nursing Dallas, Occupational Therapy Dallas, Physical Therapy Dallas

Terisa ODowd

Terisa ODowd

Instructional Accessibility Designer | 940.898.2257 | Stoddard Hall 317

Schedule an Online Meeting with Terisa

I Support: History & Political Science, Nursing Denton, Occupational Therapy Denton

Joy Robbins

Joy Robbins

Instructional Designer| 940-898-4015 | Stoddard Hall 312B

Schedule an Online Meeting with Joy

I Support: Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, English, Speech & Foreign Languages, Fashion & Textiles, General Studies, Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies, School of the Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts)

Valerie Shapko

Valerie Shapko

Instructional Designer - Houston | 713-794-2042 | IHSH 6112

Schedule an Online Meeting with Valerie

I Support: Health Care Administration, Nursing Houston, Nutrition & Food Sciences Houston, Occupational Therapy Houston, Physical Therapy Houston

If you do not see your department or academic component listed, please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology by calling 940-898-3409 or email us.

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