Canvas FAQ's

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Canvas. Some answers also include links to additional information in the TWU Knowledge Base.

How do I locate Canvas?

The My Courses page can be found from the TWU hompage by clicking on Students or Faculty & Staff (located in the top left corner), Academics (located in the maroon navigation bar), or within the page footer. You can also go directly to Canvas using the A-Z Index.

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How do I log into Canvas?

Currently, Canvas logins are limited to active Canvas participants. Only instructors and students with designated Canvas courses will have Canvas user accounts. All others will receive an error message, if they attempt to log in. Active Canvas users will log in with their Pioneer Portal username and password.

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How do I get help with Canvas?

If you encounter a technical issue with Canvas, please contact the Service Desk. They may be reached by phone (940-898-3971), email or live chat.

Each instructor is assigned an Instructional Design Partner who can support course design, development, and implementation in many ways. You are welcome to contact your Instructional Design Partner for assistance at any stage of your course design process--whether you’re developing a brand new course or making improvements to an existing course.

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How do I request a sample course shell (Sandbox) in Canvas?

Canvas Sandboxes are available to instructors to design and develop your courses. Instructors may request a Canvas Sandbox for every course they teach. One or more sandboxes may be requested by submitting a ticket to the Technology Service Desk or completing the Canvas Sandbox Request form [sign-in required]. Please include the course numbers, for example ENG 1013, NURS 4612. 

You will receive an email message when your Canvas Sandbox course is available. To access the Sandbox course:

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Select the Courses icon in Global Navigation
  3. Select on All Courses
  4. Add the Sandbox course to your list of favorite courses by clicking the Star icon to the left of the course name.
  5. Select the Dashboard icon in Global Navigation.

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How do I embed files from my Google Drive into Canvas?

You can create a document, slide presentation, or spreadsheet using Google Drive and then embed that document anywhere you can use the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. The Rich Content Editor is used in features that support the editor (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, or Syllabus). When embedded, Google slide presentations default to presentation mode.

For embedded files, any time you edit the Google file, it will be automatically updated in Canvas.

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How do I request a custom Canvas Home Page for my course?

The Canvas Course Home Page is the first view your students will see when they enter your course. For the Course Home Page, you can work with an instructional designer to select a design, customize the details and create your perfect Course Home Page.

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How do I send a message to students in Canvas before the class starts?

Announcements can only be sent if the course is both published and available to students. An email message (conversation) can be sent to students if the course is published and still unavailable to students. The procedure is:

To send a message to students in your Canvas course before classes begin:

  1. The Canvas course must be published. Open the course and follow this process to publish the course while being unavailable to students. This is done by setting a Start and End date for the course and allowing users to participate in the course between these dates. The details are included in How do I change the start and end dates for a course?
  2. Once the Canvas course is published, click on Inbox and compose a message to students in the course. The details are included in How do I send a message to all course users in Conversations as an instructor?

Does Canvas have a mobile app?

Yes. In fact, Canvas has multiple mobile apps an instructor may find useful. To learn more about them, please view the Canvas Guide for Mobile Apps.

If this is your first time to log into a Canvas Mobile App, you will need to access the TWU account:

  1. Type to enter the school information.
  2. Log into the Canvas Mobile App by entering your TWU UsernamePassword, and tap the Login button.

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What resources are available for Canvas?

Official Canvas documentation is available through the Canvas Community within the Canvas Guides. The Canvas community makes it easy to find the content you're looking for, providing a user friendly search option as well as a table of contents for each guide. The Canvas Instructor Guide is the best place to start for your most common questions.

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What content is available to help students get started using Canvas?

Getting Started with Canvas – Canvas is a web-based application which allows instructors to put class materials on the Internet. It provides a variety of tools to facilitate teaching and learning. The basic tools used in a Canvas course include a syllabus, learning materials (documents, videos, etc.), discussions, calendar, email, announcements, grades, exams, and assignments.

Note: You may place this information into your course and reference the Knowledge Base article link below to direct students to the Getting Started with Canvas information.

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What do I need to do before and after the semester?

Preparing for and finalizing your course each semester requires several steps that may vary dependent on your course design and teaching style. TLT has provided a Beginning- and End-of-Semester Checklists to help you with this process. Keep in mind that your setup may vary from this list. Your instructional designer will be able to help you.

Will 3rd Party Tools like Turnitin and Panopto be available in Canvas?

The following tools are actively integrated with Canvas:

  • Badgr (Badges)
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Campus Pack
  • Panopto (Lecture Capture)
  • Respondus 4.0 Test Generator
  • Respondus LockDown Browser
  • Turnitin
  • TurningPoint (Clickers)

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Will I be able to teach multiple sections from a single course shell?

Yes. The process is referred to as Crosslisting. Crosslisting identifies one course as the primary course for content and all students from all included course sections have access to that content. When a course is Crosslisted in Canvas, the students and instructor for that course only see the course with the content. Students from each section that have been Crosslisted are easily identified in the course with the content.

Submit a Service Desk Ticket to request courses to be Crosslisted in Canvas. Include the Course ID of each course to be Crosslisted. For example, 19FABUS353350, 19FABUS353351. You will need to be the instructor of record or course manager for all the courses you are requesting to be Crosslisted.

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