Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options

Complaints of Sexual Misconduct can be filed with Director & Coordinator of Title IX, Parrish Nicholls, J.D., (940) 898-3518

Along with the Title IX Coordinator and Judicial Affairs Administrator TWU has designated Title IX Deputies, these persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the University’s Campus Sexual Assault (Title IX) policies, to receive discrimination/harassment complaints from members of the university community, and to monitor the institution’s compliance with state and federal non-discrimination laws and regulations.

List of TWU Title IX Coordinator and Deputies Contact information

The University affirms the right of complainants/victims/survivors of Sexual Misconduct to decide how to best use University resources, and/or the criminal process to address these offenses. If a student decides to utilize the Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Process, the University will promptly proceed with that process to the extent possible. Please note that TWU will never utilize mediation for the resolution of issues of sexual assault or other sexual violence and parties will not be required to resolve this matter through direct communication with each other at any time. However, the University will always respond to complaints, reports, allegations or information about Sexual Misconduct, to the best of its ability, to stop the prohibited conduct, to eliminate any hostile environment, to take steps to prevent its recurrence, and address any lingering effects on campus from this conduct, regardless of whether the complainant/survivor decides to proceed with a complaint. The University will respond to incidents of Sexual Misconduct that it knows about or should know about. Retaliation against anyone who reports an incident or brings forward a complaint of Sexual Misconduct is strictly prohibited. Any person responsible for or involved in retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action by the University.

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