No Contact Orders (NCO)

A no contact order (NCO) is an official notice restricting two or more TWU students from initiating contact or communication with each other. Typically, this is done to de-escalate a situation and to promote civility, and is intended to be in the best interest of all parties. NCOs are administrative resolutions to conflict and are not judicial sanctions, unless specifically designated as such. Unless they are issued as judicial sanctions, they do not become part of a student’s conduct or educational records unless he or she violates the NCO, as determined by TWU’s judicial system.

NCOs prohibit all forms of intentional contact or communication between designated students. “Contact” means any and all direct, indirect, formal, or casual contact or communication, be it physical, verbal, written, or electronic (which includes, but is not limited to, telephone, IM, and email), other than that of an Attorney. Students who have received a NCO must take all reasonable steps, which may include leaving the premises, to avoid contact with the other student(s). NCOs do not, however, prohibit students from attending academic classes in which the other student(s) are enrolled, although they are expected to sit as far as possible from each other in any such classes. Also, they do not prohibit students from participating in clubs in which the other student(s) are members or officers, although they are expected to restrict their direct contact with each other during these activities. The duration of a NCO is determined by the Office of Civility & Community Standards, and students may request to have a NCO removed after an appropriate sustained period of compliance. When an NCO is issued, University Police and the Dean of Student Life also are notified. In some situations, the Office of Residence Life, the Title IX Coordinator, and other TWU offices or personnel also are notified.

NCOs are not court-imposed orders of protection, and do not guarantee that designated students will avoid sightings or passing interactions on the campus or in the surrounding community. Students who are concerned about their safety and who wish to pursue orders of protection through a magistrate or through the court should contact University Department of Public Safety (Police) or local law enforcement for more information.

Typically, NCOs are issued by the Executive Director of Civility & Community Standards (940.898.2913) or designee. Students who wish to request an NCO, or who would like more information about them, should contact the Office of Civility & Community Standards.

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