Expanded Online Options

Math and Informatics

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For the first time the following courses required for several majors, including business and dental hygiene, will be offered 100% online this summer:

Course CodeCourse Title
MATH 1703 Elementary Statistics
MATH 2203 Business Analysis I

The informatics program has also expanded online summer offerings at the undergraduate and graduate levels with the following courses:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse Title
18/SU CSCI 1513.50 Introduction to Informatics
18/SU2 CSCI 2513.50 Information Security & Ethics
18/SU CSCI 3703.50 Interface Design & Develop
18/SU CSCI 4923.01 Capstone in Interprofessional Informatics
18/SU CSCI 5103.50 Fundamentals of Informatics
18/SU CSCI 5443.50 Human-Computer Interface
18/SU2 CSCI 5663.50 Statistical Programming
18/SU CSCI 5923.01 Capstone in Informatics


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The College of Business has added the following undergraduate and graduate courses to this summer's 100% online line-up:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse Title
18/SU2 BUS 4903 Entrepreneurial Finance
18/SU BUS 5753 Foundations in Financial Management
18/SU BUS 5763 Strategic Information Systems


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The College of Professional Education will be offering nine 100% online courses. This means those seeking Early Childhood-6th grade or 4th-8th grade certifications (with special education or ESL certification) can complete nearly half the Masters of Arts in Teaching over the summer by taking four or more classes. 

Course CodeCourse Title
EDUC 5113 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDUC 5123 Learning Theory, Development, and Research
EDUC 5143 Effective Design and Management of the Classroom Environment (EC-12)
EDUC 5173 Diversity in the Classroom
READ 5223 Introduction to Literacy and Learning EC-8
EDBE 5453 English as a Second Language: Methods
EDBE 5653 Second Language Acquisition
EDSP 5003 Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children
EDSP 5013 Collaborating for Effective Intervention


English, Speech and Foreign Languages

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Core English, Spanish, including Spanish for Healthcare, and many more upper and graduate level courses will be available online this summer:

Course CodeCourse Title
ENG 1023 Composition II 
ENG 2153 Introduction to World Literature
ENG 2053 World Literature II
ENG 2073 Mythology
ENG 2393 Introduction to Literature by Women
ENG 3013 British Literature I
ENG 3063 Poetry
ENG 3203 Advanced Grammar and Composition
ENG 3293 Survey of American Literature 1865-Present
ENG 3273 Film and Literature 
ENG 5263 Studies in American Literature (Early American Women Writers 1620-1865
ENG 5173 Old and Middle English Language and Literature (Chaucer)
ENG 5903 Special Topics (American Short Story)
ENG 6063 Writing in the Discipline
ENG 6323/WS 5903 Studies in the Feminist Rhetoric (Transatlantic Feminist Rhetorics in the Age of Revolution 1750-1850)
SPAN 1013 Spanish I
SPAN 1023 Spanish II
SPAN 3173 Spanish for the Professions (Medical Terminology for Health-related Majors)
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