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What is the Student Union Board?

The Student Union Board (SUB) is a student-led organization that serves as the heart of the Student Union. SUB’s goal is to make the union your “home away from home” by providing opportunities for feedback, interaction, and engagement. The board and members are made up of students who are dedicated to ensuring the Student Union and its services meet the ever-changing needs of the student body.

2017-2018 Board

  • President: Amber Rosales
  • Vice President: Ximena Villegas
  • Executive Chair: Ashley Ramos

SUB board members are elected chosen each Spring semester by the membership at large. If you are interested in becoming part of the board, the BEST way is to become a SUB member!


SUB members build problem solving skills and connections by serving as a liaison between students and union staff. We would love for you to join us! Simply reach out using the contact information listed below.

Contact Us

Email SUB at

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TWUStudentU.

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