Travel Resources & Forms

Student Travel: any off-campus travel planned or sponsored by student organizations or its members as part of the organization’s activities. When traveling, it is important to plan ahead! Please use the listed resources and forms to ensure all parties understand their expectations on student organization-related travel.

Remember, an authorized university representative (or advisor) is required to be present at any activity involving travel.

  • Student Travel Checklist - assists with your planning process and keeps all required information in one place. This is the best tool to communicate all of your travel information with your advisor.
  • Student Commitment Contract - for use at the beginning of your travel planning process to ensure that all students are aware of their commitment to travel
  • Liability Contract - can be used for any off-campus trip/activity
  • Student General Travel Contract - behavior contract for general travel (Helping Hands, service events, special speakers, etc.)
  • Student Conference Travel Contract - behavior contract for conferences. Includes stipulation to attend all aspects of the conference, including pre-conference, on-site, and post conference meetings, as well as any post conference evaluations

Please see the Student Travel Policy for more information on travel guidelines.

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