Change to Book Advance Process

UPDATE May 13, 2021: Check out the new Bursar's Office FAQ for additional details. 

Apr. 30, 2021 — DENTON — Beginning in Summer 2021, students with excess financial aid will be able to purchase books/supplies directly at the Follett bookstore on the Denton campus or online at their website before refunds begin for the semester.

The university will notify the bookstore of the available credit limit for purchases after all university charges are paid. Only eligible bookstore purchases will be allowed at the bookstore and imported into the student account in the Bursar’s Office. Students cannot purchase drinks, candy, clothing or other non-educational items with their credit.

Students will see all bookstore purchases charged into the student account before refunds begin. There will be one charge imported into the student account for all bookstore purchases. These charges will reduce the refund amount to students. Students can use their available credit May 27 through noon on June 4. Summer refunds begin on June 7.

Students returning books during this period and receive a credit will have the credit reflected on their balance that imports into the Bursar Office. Students need to be aware that schedule changes and other added account charges made after bookstore purchases may result in a balance owed to the university rather than a refund issued.

Students will be responsible for all bookstore purchases that charge into their account in the Bursar’s Office regardless of receiving financial aid. At the time the bookstore purchases occurred, the student was showing excess financial aid.

Students with excess financial aid credit (that has not been previously refunded) will receive an email the last week of May indicating they can use funds at the TWU Bookstore.


Page last updated 2:57 PM, December 2, 2021