Hurricane Harvey Volunteering

Giving Assistance for those affected by Hurricane Harvey

There will be many phases of recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and each phase will present unique needs.  In the initial search and rescue phase, primarily first responders are involved, and external support should be financial in nature. As the recovery moves into the emergency relief phase, people are sheltered and require basic needs such as food, water, and toiletries.  There are very few volunteer opportunities at this point, but a great need for donations (money to verified relief organizations, water, toiletries, diapers). Many organizations will provide specific lists of requested items at this point. The early recovery phase will pull in more volunteer support as the community tries to remove debris and work to repair physical structures. Always sign up for a volunteer shift, never just show up to a shelter or community. Well-meaning volunteers who are unplanned can overwhelm relief organizations who are working in the recovery efforts.

For those looking for volunteer opportunities, please check for up-to-date information on how you can help throughout the DFW area.

Where to Donate