Student Life Emergency Loan

The Student Life Emergency Loan Fund is designed to help students with unexpected emergency circumstances. It is not intended to help pay tuition, fees, or books. Additionally, the fund may not be used for payment of university expenses. The loan fund is designed to assist students with unplanned financial burdens such as medical expenses, childcare, lost jobs, car repairs, and other personal emergency situations which might interfere with continued enrollment or academic success. Students may borrow up to $500.00 through the loan fund per semester or summer session for a maximum of two loans per academic year.  

Student Life Emergency Loan Funds are limited; therefore funds will be awarded on a need basis as long as funds are available. Students may apply and be awarded funds only one time per semester or summer session for a maximum of two loans per year. Students who have been delinquent in payment are not eligible for a future emergency loan.

To apply, one must complete an Emergency Loan Application. Promissory notes must be signed. Completed applications must be returned to the Student Life office on the Denton, Dallas or Houston campus. You will be required to show picture identification at the time you submit your application and promissory note.

Approved applications will be processed by Student Life and the payment will be processed through the payment option selected on the application. Students must possess a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and be in good standing with the university. Students must not owe money to the university.

Funds are due thirty days from the date of borrow. Students can repay their loan at the Cashier's window or online through their Portal anytime prior to the due date. Students will be billed for the loan amount after failure to repay the loan by the due date. Students who do not repay their loan will be turned over to a collection agency and a 33% collection fee will be accessed. Additionally, a block will be placed upon your records which will block future registration of classes and receipt of transcripts until which time payment is received. This block will automatically be implemented if balance is not paid by the established semester deadline for all emergency loans.

If you have any questions about emergency loans, please contact the Office of Student Life.

Page last updated 3:41 PM, March 23, 2020