If You are Attacked

Go with your best instincts and react quickly. There is no single best way to react. Your greatest chance for escape is usually during initial contact. Depending on your situation, you may choose to run or scream for help (especially if you are near other people) – kick, hit, bite, scratch, etc. These actions may help you escape, but you must also be aware that they could lead to further harm. Use your own judgment concerning the degree of physical resistance you put forth.

Personal Protection and Empowerment Class

The SHARP course in self-defense, offered by the TWU Department of Public Safety, can help you think clearly and react quickly. It can also help identify your strengths and limits. 

TWU’s Personal Protection and Empowerment class is firmly rooted in the philosophy that the only person responsible for preventing a sexual assault is the person who is going to commit it. Therefore, a victim is never at fault for their assault, no matter what they do. Period. End of story.

Having said that, we also recognize that for some people, personal empowerment and self-advocacy involves learning any number of personal protection strategies and assault countermeasures. For some folks, simple tasks like walking across campus at night, declining a date, speaking up for a promotion at work, speaking in class, etc. feel daunting and at times, impossible.

For this reason, some people often report feeling more empowered to navigate their daily lives after having completed a personal protection training course. In that spirit of empowerment, TWU Department of Public Safety is committed to offering workshops that help students who want this type of training.

Page last updated 12:01 PM, March 18, 2019