Legal Services

The Division of Student Life has a lawyer within its staff who works with students part-time to explore legal options in some of life’s more challenging situations. Although he will not go with you into a courtroom, Mr. Jerry Parr will help you examine what your situation is within legal perimeters, and share resources as well as advice as appropriate. If need be, he can also put you in touch with other lawyers here in the Houston for further representation.

For the Appointment

To make an appointment, please email Deb Unruh in the Houston Student Life Office. She has access to Mr. Parr’s calendar, and can communicate what the existing options are. Typically, Mr. Parr’s calendar for scheduling students is open Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at half hour intervals.

You will additionally need to complete an Appointment Information Sheet. It is an online form that goes directly to Mr. Parr when submitted. The purpose in completing this form is to not only give Mr. Parr an idea of what the concern is, but he may also ask you to bring/email certain supporting documents when speaking with him to be able to more aptly address your situation.

Location for Meeting with the Lawyer

To speak with Mr. Parr, you will need to utilize a room in the Student Life Suite area, #2300 C. The door to that room locks from the outside, the curtain is drawn, and a phone is present for you to speak in detail about the situation at hand. Mr. Parr requires that we make sure the person showing up for the appointment is the TWU student who made contact with him, and not someone else trying to take care of legal issues on your behalf, without your knowledge.

Consider Drawing Up a Will

Please be advised that Mr. Parr will additionally draw up a will for you. Unfortunately, he will not be able to do so for another family member. But as you are moving through this next chapter in your life, it is something you may want to consider.

Page last updated 8:17 AM, April 20, 2020