Financing Your Education

Tuition is always a point of consideration when trying to decide which higher education institute is a good match for time, interests and budget. As Zainab Olalere from Nigeria has expressed, “TWU… strive (s) to provide an experience rich in its educational rewards but still leaves money in the bank for you to enjoy other things”. Taking you on a walk through the financial corridor, these are some key points to keep in mind.


Items to include are tuition (and fees), housing, food, utilities, books, mandatory health insurance, parking and transportation, other living expenses…The Bursar’s webpage has a wonderful “Tuition Estimator” which will guide you with how much in funds to prepare each semester. However, a general estimate can be found below.

Undergraduate Estimate for 9 months
$35,892 ($26,255 with in-state tuition) 

Graduate Estimate for 9 months
$32,717 ($23,723 with in-state tuition)


Please know that even though you are an international student, there are still some scholarships available to you. (If you have relatives here in the U.S., a private loan is also a possibility, but it would require the support of a U.S. citizen – someone who would be willing to co-sign the legal and binding agreement of a loan.)

To apply for Scholarships:

Be aware that the system will automatically match you up with scholarships for which you qualify. Although there may be some additional documentation to add, there is only one scholarship application.

Note: Always keep in mind the Priority Deadlines.

In-State Tuition

  • Individuals who receive a TWU competitive scholarship for $1000 or more qualify for in-state tuition.
  • Graduate Students may be interested in applying for a Graduate Assistant position. If you are fortunate to secure such a position for 20 hours per week, this would also qualify for in-state tuition rates.
    • Graduate Assistantships tend to be few and far between at the TWU Houston site, and generally speaking, are academic specific in nature (departments hire within their own academic unit individuals who can work with others in that respective academic major).

NOTE: For international students, there are companies who will facilitate private loans for those majoring in health care.

Kilian Salgado Pasantes

Portrait of Kilian Salgado Pasantes

I believe TWU Houston brings an experience that nobody in the healthcare field should miss. Being in the heart of the Texas Medical Center allows for many opportunities to learn from different professionals. TWU-Houston is one of the most diverse schools I have seen. This brings your learning experience to another level, integrating the different perspectives each faculty and student has to offer.

Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy, Country of Origin - Spain

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