Family Community

There is a strong sense of family among the international students here at the Houston Center. One of the ways we have encouraged others in our TWU Houston Community to get to know our international students was through a photo campaign. It was with such joy that we were able to showcase many of the international students at the TWU Houston site with their images on posters as well as digital display boards throughout the building. The posters included their major, home country, dreams for the future, professional aspirations and a bit about their hobbies – what each enjoys in life outside the classroom.

Jing Li

Jing Li

TWU Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Educational Background: Bachelor Degree of Geography Science in East China Normal University in Shanghai.
Reason for Studying in the U.S.: The United States is known for its higher education opportunities. Studying here, I can broaden my perspectives and open up new career opportunities.
Long Term Goals: To be a happy and kind person.
Enjoys: Petting and grooming my cats. Naps on rainy days. Experimenting with new dishes.
Hobbies: Gardening. Arranging flowers. Crafting.
Favorite Food: Chongqing hotpot.
Favorite Motivational Quote: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” - Serenity Prayer


Opportunities exist for students to network with other upcoming professionals and to get-to-know a variety of established individuals from around the world.  We are so very honored with the wealth of human experience and expertise which each student brings to the fabric of TWU!

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