International Students

Students from other countries who find their way to TWU Houston Center in pursuit of academic goals are a treasured group! The Office of Student Life provides a direct line of communication with the International Education Office in Denton, and houses a DSO (Designated School Official) on site to deal with SEVIS related matters for F-1 students. Please contact Deborah Unruh, Houston DSO, with any questions at 713.794.2157.

Phorum Desai

Portrait of Phorum Desai

Being a part of the TWU Houston campus has been a journey that has facilitated my cultural adjustment, social integration, retention, and success. The Houston faculty have always been dedicated to helping students gain the experience needed to apply classroom discoveries as we meet real-world challenges. This has helped me in preparation for exciting career paths that fuel my ambition.

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA), Country of Origin - India

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