Food Scholarship Program

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TWU Houston has entered into a relationship with the Houston Food Bank in a Food Scholarship Program. For students who participate in the program, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat products, as well as non-perishable items will be delivered to TWU from the Houston Food Bank twice each month on the first and third Tuesday.

Students in the Food Scholarship program will leave TWU with one bag of perishable items, and one with non-perishable items to take home and eat. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop healthier eating habits with a strong balance of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Good eating has a direct impact on cognitive abilities, and it is our hope that the Food for Scholarship program will assist individuals in moving through their academic program successfully.


For students to participate in the Food Scholarship Program, you must be enrolled at TWU. We understand there is a delicate balance of finances when attending classes, and it can take only one unexpected situation to throw off the daily operational formula that had been so carefully crafted. With a reliable provision of healthy food you can count on two times a month, another building block of success is placed in the foundation to undergird your success. Your attention and focus can be portioned on other priorities that advance you through your academic program and personal life.

How to Get Started

If interested, please get in touch with Deborah Unruh at A baseline survey from the Houston Food Bank will be emailed to you at that time, and questions can be explored one-on-one.

Distribution Day

  • Bring the tote bags (2) given from the former distribution
  • Pick up your items between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the first floor. The Food Market/kitchen area where the distribution will be is located ACROSS from the Cyber Care, just BEFORE the wooden doors leading to the Service Elevator (past the two restrooms) on the RIGHT.

Impact of the Program

For so many students, participating in the Food Scholarship Program has been critical to their success at TWU. One of our students was recently highlighted in the 19th Annual Chef’s Dinner – a fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019. You can hear more about her personal journey in this video.

Transcript for Video (pdf)

Finding Food Pantry Resources Near You

As the need presents itself, you may seek to secure additional food to supplement what your family has in their household.  The Houston Food Bank has a huge listing of resources that covers the greater Houston area. All you need to do is enter your Zip Code.

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