If withdrawing from the University is your selected path of action, TWU will need the Withdrawal Form. This completed document must be submitted any time a student drops all the courses in a given semester, even if it is just one. 

Both the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs share more detailed information about withdrawals, gradation of financial refunds, as well as re-entry at a later date and whether or not one must apply again either to the University and/or chosen academic program. Please keep in mind that where there is intent to return, it is CRITICAL that the student keep in active communication with their academic advisor, as in a given semester there may not be space available in their respective program to resume coursework in certain courses, especially those clinical in nature. General questions can be asked of the Student Life Coordinator at 713-794-2157.

There is a series of deadlines to be aware of for withdrawals. Refer to the Academic Calendar for a detailed timeline of percentage of refunds, as well as the last day to withdraw from the University. As noted on the Withdrawal web page, students may withdraw from class through the 12th class day (or the 4th day of summer school), and receive no notation of that class on their transcripts. Following that census day marker, students can withdraw from classes and receive a passing “W” grade through the last day of Drops without academic penalty. After that deadline through the last day to withdraw, a “W” or a failing “WF” will be applied by the respective instructor(s) based on the student’s performance in class at the time of withdrawal. 

Medical Withdrawals (physical and psychological) will require compelling documentation from a physician and are subject to the same “W” and “WF” deadline criteria mentioned above. Please consult with the Student Life Assistant Director as soon as possible if this pathway is of serious consideration.

Withdrawing from the University puts a number of things in motion. It is important to get in touch with the Student Life Assistant Director with any questions that arise, even if you would just like to confirm your understanding of the process. In addition to that communication, it is strongly recommended that you contact:

  1. Your Academic Advisor and Program Director, especially if your intent is to return to TWU in the near future
  2. Financial Aid if you are a recipient of funds
  3. Student Life if you are an F-1 International Student
  4. Bursar’s Office if you owe money to TWU (fees and/or loans)

Page last updated 5:23 PM, March 23, 2020