Pioneer Perseverance

Three TWU students walking on TWU's Denton campus while laughing and talking.

Texas Woman's strives to provide the resources, aid and inspiration to get you through the toughest first years.

At TWU, a student's likelihood of achieving graduation directly correlates with completing your freshman and sophomore years.

TWU has seen an upward trend in two-year persistence since 2013. To continue this trend, TWU aims to increase two-year persistence by 10 percent in 2022. This overall increase will put TWU ahead of the 59 percent average two-year persistence of its doctoral research peer group.

Two-Year Persistence Rates

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YearTwo-Year Persistence Rate
Fall 2013 58%
Fall 2014 61.8%
Fall 2015 63.2%
Fall 2016 62.1%
Fall 2017 58.1%
Fall 2018 61.1%
Fall 2019 60.4%
Target Fall 2022 70%

Source: TWU Retention and Graduation Fact Book

How We Do It

Chancellor Feyten posing with a group of TWU students wearing "Pioneer Perseverance" shirts in front of Minerva.

A Grassroots Approach

TWU's Chancellor and President Carine Feyten, PhD, has ushered in a grassroots approach to inspire and aid our students from all walks of life. 

Each semester Chancellor Feyten greets and visits first-year students in the classroom to foster a line of communication and form a relationship with each class. The visit also serves as an opportunity for you to communicate your needs as a first-year student to university leadership and learn about resources already present at TWU to guide you through your college experience.

Two years later, Chancellor Feyten meets back up with each class to commemorate the halfway point to your degree.

Career Prep and Mentoring

TWU provides hundreds of resources to help you succeed on campus and after graduation - from finding a mentor to building your resume. Starting places to finding the help you need include:

Career Connections Center
TWU believes in opening doors for its students. The Career Connections Center provides advising services and tailored career planning for students and alumni. We help with all aspects of planning - from choosing a major to negotiating a salary after graduation.

Pioneer Center for Student Excellence
Our Pioneer Center for Student Excellence provides academic coaching and advising, dissertation boot camps and access to internships or study abroad programs.

Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach
TWU's Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach (DIO) provides opportunities for students to build leadership skills in G-Force, the peer mentoring program that supports the GO Program. DIO also assists first-generation first-year college students in the ADELANTE Leadership Program and provides resources to LGBTQIA and minority students.

Center for Student Research
The Center for Student Research connects students to faculty conducting research on campus. The Center helps TWU students gain research experience, find faculty-mentored research opportunities and foster collaboration between graduate and undergraduate students.

Institute for Women's Leadership
TWU's Institute for Women's Leadership is dedicated to preparing women to take on leadership roles on campus and in their careers. Through the Center for Women EntrepreneursCenter for Student Leadership and Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, you will find mentors and resources to help you accomplish your goals while in college and after graduation.

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