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Recognized as one of the most diverse universities in the country, Texas Woman’s University is committed to helping students succeed in their educational goals.

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Our undergraduate student population is made up of approximately equal portions first time in college (FTIC) students and students who transfer from another institution to complete their degree at TWU.

As a key measure of academic achievement and one of our student success goals, TWU monitors and evaluates our graduation rates for first time in college students and transfer students utilizing the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s Outcome Measure.

This measure was specifically chosen for its representation of transfers in its evaluation of student success. With a transfer student population of 49 percent, TWU believes in measuring and improving the success of all students.

Current Rates

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The table summarizes data from the current IPEDS Outcome Measure to reflect the graduation rate of the whole degree-seeking Texas Woman’s undergraduate population based on entering, degree-seeking cohorts:

FTIC, full-time 38% 0.33 35% 0.33 42% 0.37 43% 0.38 47% 0.37
FTIC, part-time 12% 0.01 12% 0.01 30% 0.01 16% 0.01 23% 0.01
Transfer, full-time 64% 0.42 62% 0.40 67% 0.39 68% 0.38 66% 0.37
Transfer, part-time 57% 0.24 53% 0.26 52% 0.23 56% 0.23 56% 0.24
Overall cohort graduation rate   53.2%  50.6%  53.8%  55.6%  56%

By 2028, Texas Woman’s set a graduation rate goal of 65%.

The university is pioneering a more holistic approach to reporting its graduation rate by including all of its undergraduate degree-seeking students in the calculation. This method includes counting transfer students, who comprise a large proportion of the student body.

Transfers, particularly those who come from community colleges, have the opportunity to earn a college degree at a reduced cost by earning community college credits before seamlessly transferring to finish a bachelor’s degree at Texas Woman’s. The goal date of 2028 aligns with the university’s five-year strategic plan developed through 2022.

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