Learn to Thrive: Strategic Plan 2022


LEARN: We Commit to Greater Purpose through Teaching and Learning

Texas Woman’s will educate individuals through a student-centered education focusing on the teaching and learning of the whole person for empowerment and long-term success.


  1. Infuse knowledge and skills that prepare students for successful lives and careers
  2. Foster curiosity to help students find meaning and purpose
  3. Capitalize on diversity and multiple perspectives to advance learning and innovation
  4. Achieve the highest level possible of degree completion while maintaining the high level of excellence expected from a Texas Woman’s graduate

DISCOVER: We Seek to Improve Our World through Creative Expression and Research that Matters

Texas Woman’s will grow its contributions to discovery by empowering the institution and its community to fully engage in the discovery process.


  1. Elevate scholarly productivity and external funding to establish Texas Woman’s in a robust position as a doctoral research university within the Carnegie classification framework
  2. Advance research and creative arts that benefit the human experience
  3. Foster collaborative connections that increase research and creative activity, encourage innovation, and benefit our local and global communities
  4. Provide experience in research for the next generation of scholars

SERVE: We Transform Lives through Inclusive Networks and Purposeful Partnerships

Texas Woman’s will express its ethic of service through engagement with our local, state, national, and international communities as a means to empower the lives of those who serve as well as those the university serves.


  1. Exemplify an ethic of service through meaningful contributions to our communities
  2. Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the mission of Texas Woman’s
  3. Produce engaged and active citizens through service that intentionally fosters development of the whole person

LEAD: We Lead in Multifaceted Ways by Applying Our Individual and Collective Expertise

Texas Woman’s will provide systematic and meaningful opportunities for students, staff and faculty to celebrate the value of diversity in leadership and to acquire skills that empower them to lead with distinction, intentionality, and purpose.


  1. Prioritize a culture that empowers faculty and staff to lead
  2. Prioritize a culture that empowers students to grow as leaders

INVEST: We Commit to Excellence within People and Sustainable and Safe University Environments

Adding to the triple-bottom-line accounting framework, Texas Woman’s will invest in people, prosperity, place, and planet to ensure a sustainable future.


  1. People – recruit, develop, and retain top talent
  2. Prosperity – enable Texas Woman’s to accomplish its goals through astute resource stewardship and revenue diversification; maintain a private college feel at the cost of a public university
  3. Place – develop excellent learning, living, and working environments across all campuses by improving infrastructure and processes and by removing barriers to productivity
  4. Planet – cultivate a sustainable university community by reducing environmental impact