Jessica Smartt Gullion, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology


PhD 2002, Texas Woman's University

Courses Taught


  • Introductory Sociology
  • Principles of Sociology
  • Research Methods
  • Health and Illness
  • Sociology of the Apocalypse 
  • Sociology of Ebola


  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • Environment and Health 
  • Medical Sociology
  • Sociology of Ebola
  • Research Methods and Design
  • Sociology of Motherhood  
  • Scholarly Career

Research Interests

Ethnography, Qualitative Inquiry, Post-Humanism, Health and Environment

Selected Publications


2018 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Diffractive Ethnography: Social Science and the Ontological Turn. Routledge.

2016 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Writing Ethnography. Sense Publishers (Teaching Writing Series).

2015 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Fracking the Neighborhood: Reluctant Activists and Natural Gas Drilling. The MIT Press (Urban and Industrial Environments Series).

Finalist for the 2016 Eliot Freidson Outstanding Publication Award (American Sociological Association Medical Sociology Section)

Nominated for the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2016 Qualitative Book Award


Journal of American Sociology
Contemporary Sociology
Kirkus Reviews
The Denton Record Chronicle

2015 John Malek-Ahmadi and Jessica Gullion. In Sickness and In Health: Sociological Perspectives on Healthcare. Cognella.

2014 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. October Birds: A Novel about Pandemic Influenza, Infection Control, and First Responders. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (Social Fiction Series).

Nominated for the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2015 Qualitative Book Award

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine
Kirkus Reviews
The Sociological Imagination

2011 Cynthia T Cook, Helen Brethauer-Gay, Amitra Hodge-Wall, and Jessica Smartt Gullion (editors). Voices in Sociology: An Introduction to the Core Concepts. Cognella.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2019 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. “Late-Term.” Science-Based Vulnerability: Scientists and Poets #RESIST, edited by Sandra Faulkner, in production.

2019 Harper, Susan and Jessica Smartt Gullion. “Science Put Babies in My Belly: Monstrous Motherhood in Orphan Black.” Monstrous Mothers: Troubling Tropes, edited by Abby Palko. Demeter Press, in production.

2019 Gullion, Jessica Smartt and Jessica Williams. “Creative Writing in Qualitative Inquiry.” The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Methods, edited by Patricia Leavy. Oxford Press, in production.

2019 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. “Pathology: A Diffractive Encounter of Machine/Body.” Art/Research International. In Press.

2019 Gale, Ken, Jonathan Wyatt, Jessica Smartt Gullion, Ninian Hou, Christopher Jeansonne, Sheridan Linnell, Melanie A. Reaves, Rosemary Reilly, Paul Rhodes. “Deleuze and Collaborative Writing in the Dance of Activism.” International Review of Qualitative Research. In Press.

2019 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Fractured Communities: Risk, Impacts, and Protest Against Hydraulic Fracking in US Shale Regions, edited by Anthony E. Ladd. Contemporary Sociology. In Press.

2017 Gullion, Jessica. Hannah and the Counselor. Mogul.

2016 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. The Cheerleader: A Feminist Mom, Her Pre-Teen Daughter, and the Spaces for Girls in American Football. Continuum Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. 40.

2016 Gullion, Jessica Smartt and Lisa Shaefer. Arts-Based Research in Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology. The Handbook of Arts-Based Research, edited by Patricia Leavy. In press.

2016 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Partnering with Public Health to Mitigate an Influenza Pandemic. Introduction to Emergency Management, 2nd edition, edited by Brenda D. Phillips, David M. Neal, and Gary Webb. CRC Press.

2016 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Oral History, by Patricia Leavy. The Oral History Review. 43(1):230-232.

2015 Ellis, Erin and Jessica Smartt Gullion. You Must Be Superwoman! How Graduate Student Mothers Negotiate Conflicting Roles. Teacher, Scholar, Mother: (re)Envisioning Motherhood in the Academy, edited by Amy Young. New York: Lexington Books.

2015 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. This Toxic Material: A Poetic (Re)Presentation of Cancer/Environment Assemblages. International Review of Qualitative Research. 7(4):401-420.

2015 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Chemical Industry. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society, edited by Graham Colditz. SAGE.

2015 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Together, Apart. A Review of On (Writing) Families: Autoethnographies of Presence and Absence, Love and Love, edited by Jonathan Wyatt and Tony E. Adams. The Qualitative Report. 20(3):312-313.

2015 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Will Guns on Campus Lead to Grade Inflation? Newsweek.  Also printed in: The Conversation, the Houston Chronicle. Updated and reprinted in The Conversation, New Republic.

2015 Gullion, Jessica. Inside the Latest Fracking Controversy Brewing in Texas. Alternet.

2013 Gullion, Jessica Smartt, and Ariel Cooksey. Social Representations of Motherhood Through the Practice of Art Journaling. Motherhood and Literacies, edited by Amanda Richie. Demeter Press.

2014 Gullion, Jessica Smartt and Erin Ellis. A Pedagogical Approach to Action Research. Journal of Applied Social Science. 8(1):61-72.

2014 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Environmental Causes. Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness: An A-Z Guide, edited by Andrew Scull. Sage.

2013 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Toxic Neighborhood. Qualitative Inquiry 19(7):491-492.

2012 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Get the Frack Out of My Town: A Case Study in Health Activism. Voices in  Medical Sociology: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, edited by Cynthia Cook. Cognella.

2011 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Prejudicial Distribution of the HPV Vaccine. Genders, 54. 

2011 Gullion, Jessica Smartt, Lisa Henry, and Cory Timmons. Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak Response and Evaluation -- Denton County, 2008-2009. Epidemiology in Texas Annual Report, 2009.

2011 Henry, Lisa, Jessica Smartt Gullion, and Greg Gullion. Parents Against Medical Advice. Case Studies in Applied Cultural Anthropology, edited by Gary Ferraro. Wadsworth Publishing.

2011 Gullion, Jessica, Naomi Meiers, and Rhonda Love. A Perspective on Health and Natural Gas Operations: A Report for the Denton City Council. White Paper. Dec 21. Presented to the City of Denton Natural Gas Taskforce and the Denton City Council.

2011 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Teaching with Turnitin. The Online Instructors: Texas Woman’s University Distance Education Blog for Faculty and Staff Who Use Blackboard to Teach or Enhance Their Courses. Essay.

2010 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Theorizing Motherhood. The Griot: The Newsletter of the Association of Black Sociologists. Feb 2010. Essay.

2010 Gullion, Jessica Smartt. Pertussis Outbreak In A Highly-Vaccinated Elementary School, Denton County, 2007. Epidemiology in Texas Annual Report. Pp. 12-14.

2010 Gullion, Jessica Smartt, Janet Glowicz, and Shelley Stonecipher. Emergence of Endemic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Collin and Denton Counties, 2005-2007. Epidemiology in Texas Annual Report, 2007. Pp. 5-7.

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