What are kits?

A "kit" is a presentation on a single topic produced on a slide, filmstrip, video, or computer software. Titles in chemistry, biology, physics, and general science are available. For instance, a student may watch a video about the periodic table to reinforce information previously introduced in a lecture or textbook. Most kits have worksheets (which must be completed in the SLRC) that consist of a number of questions about the material in the corresponding kit.

Professors in some courses suggest certain kits for further self-study by the student. Other instructors assign kits for students to complete for credit.

How do I use a kit?

Tell the SLRC assistant at the front desk which kit you want. The assistant will give you the kit materials. Watch the program and then return the materials to the attendant on duty.

How do I know which kits are available?

The SLRC assistant has a master list of all kits available in the SLRC. The assistant can tell you the title of the kit, which discipline is involved (biology, chemistry, physics, etc), and on which format(s) it is available (slide, filmstrip, video, or computer software program).

Which kits should I use?

If your instructor has assigned kits for credit, the SLRC will post your instructor's list from which you may choose kits. If you want to do a kit for self-study, simply choose from the master kit list which is available from the SLRC assistant.

How long does it take to use a kit? What if I start one and don't have time to finish it?

Running time on the kits varies widely, but the real amount time needed to complete a kit depends on the speed at which you work. If you ever start a kit and run out of time before finishing it, simply make a note of where you stopped and start from there the next time you are in the SLRC.

All SLRC kits and worksheets are for use on premises only and may not be removed from the SLRC!

What if I start a kit and have no clue about how to finish it?

If the material has been introduced in class, then ask a tutor to help you get started or work with another student from your class. If the material in the kit has NOT been discussed in class, choose another kit . The SLRC kits are designed to complement existing instruction, not introduce an entirely new topic.

What should I do if the equipment or kit material is not working correctly?

Notify a SLRC assistant immediately. The assistant will either fix the problem or provide you with working equipment or materials. DO NOT attempt to correct the problem yourself!

Page last updated 4:08 PM, January 4, 2017