Academic Advisor's Outlook: Cindy Englehart

Cindy Englehart

Advising is important in any student’s educational journey. Advising is much more than assisting in course registration and providing general information. From student advocacy to student empowerment, advising is a multi-faceted role.

I advise students based on their individual needs because I value a person’s individuality. As an advisor, I strive to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for anyone.

The aspect of advising I enjoy most is working with students. Being able to be their biggest cheerleader and point of contact for resources is a humbling and rewarding job. I take pride in tackling challenges, supporting students, and being by their side throughout their journey.

Since beginning my position I have seen a shift in the number of students I interact with. After mere months in my role, the number of students I worked with increased significantly. Adjusting slightly to how things were done, implementing new routines for myself, and being genuine in my approach greatly benefits the students.

Some of those changes include being available after normal working hours, providing gentle reminders and regular encouragement, as well as timely responses and help in navigating resources.

New students entering graduate school need to know two things:

  1. Communication is vital. Talk to the office staff, advisors, and faculty members and be involved in your education!
  2. Perfection isn’t necessary. Work hard, try your best, and be proud of yourself!

If you have questions or concerns, want to brag about yourself, or just want to have a chat, I am here! I would love to hear from you! I will make myself available during a time that works best for you!

Email me at and we can schedule a zoom! Happy learning, friends!

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