Final Exam Portfolio

The final examination policy requires M.L.S. students to complete their studies by taking the Final Exam Portfolio near the end of the program of study for the M.L.S. The Final Exam Portfolio is a degree requirement toward the M.L.S.; it is not a course. 

To participate in the Final Exam Portfolio, the student must be enrolled in at least one class during the semester when the Final Exam Portfolio takes place. Only students who have completed at least 24 credit hours will be allowed to participate in the Final Exam Portfolio. Any Final Exam Portfolio that is not submitted by the deadline set by the Final Exam Committee will not be reviewed. 

The Final Exam Portfolio is administered once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. The Final Exam Portfolio is not offered in summer semesters.

A student who does not pass the Final Exam Portfolio may attempt it a second time in a subsequent semester. No student is allowed to attempt the Final Exam Portfolio more than twice.

For further information about the Final Exam Portfolio, please see the SLIS Collaborative Space in Canvas. Log in to Canvas and go to the SLIS Collaborative Space > SLIS Student Handbook > About Final Exam.

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