Become a Course Assistant

What is a Course Assistant?

A Course Assistant is a model TWU student who demonstrates proficiency in the course in which they assist.


  • Minimum of a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA within your major
  • Earn an A in the SIT course (or its equivalent) for which you are applying
  • Demonstrate the ability to mentor good study skills including note-taking techniques, time management, and organizational and study skills

Course Assistants for the SIT program have many roles to fill. They

  • Create and facilitate supplemental lessons and offer tutoring (SIT) in small groups
  • Act as Peer Mentors for students with a variety of risk factors
  • Attend class lectures
  • Providing student support during class
  • Monitor student progress
  • Collect and report information to the Program Coordinator on a weekly basis
  • Typically work 10-12 hours per week.

Check out the complete list of the Course Assistant Roles and Responsibilities.


Course Assistants (CAs) are hired for each semester. Course Assistant Mentors (CAMs) are selected from past and current Course Assistants.

  • If applying for a CA position for MATH 1703 (Elementary Statistics), please send the completed application to Dr. Falley at
  • If applying for a CA position for MATH 1303 (Elementary Analysis), please send the completed application to Dr. Wheeler at


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