Win, Lose, or Draw!

All games will be held the week of October 11-15 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Teams and individuals will be able to identify the days they are available during this time frame when they sign up below. Individuals who sign up will be assigned to an ad hoc team and times coordinated based upon all team members' availability.

Team players join their designated virtual Zoom room at their appointed time. Each player will take turns being the sketcher and attempt to get their team to guess as many possible randomly assigned words drawn in the Zoom Whiteboard within the allotted time! 

It's the team's responsibility to read and follow the rules below. We recommend you Practice-Practice-Practice with your team to familiarize yourself drawing online with this tool! It’s fun and funny!

How Much Does it Cost?

A team consists of up to 6 players.  It is a $10 donation/player to participate. Individuals will be randomly assigned to teams.

How Do I Enter?

Register as a Team

Register as an Individual

What Can I Win?

Each player on a winning team will receive:

1st Place - $30 in TWU Dining Dollars
2nd Place - $20 in TWU Dining Dollars
3rd Place - $10 in TWU Dining Dollars

TWU Dining Dollar prizes can be used at any TWU Dining Facility (including Dallas & Houston cafes) and are good through September 2022 in case facilities are currently closed! 

Pledge donations for entry must be received before prizes will be sent to winners.

How to Play (rules revised for TWU virtual play)

  1. Teams will guess a number between 1-10.  The closest team to the number the moderators selected will go first.
  2. A team sketcher will open the Zoom whiteboard tool.
  3. The moderator will select a random word and privately chat the word to the sketcher.
  4. The sketcher will have 1.5 minutes to get their team to guess the word.
  5. The sketcher can pass and get a new word one time during their round (as we will not be conducting pass-offs.)
  6. If the team guessers get it correct, the team gets a point and begins with a new word. They continue guessing words until they are out of time.
  7. If the team is unable to guess the initial word correctly, the other team has 10 seconds to come up with a guess collectively to steal a point.
  8. Switch teams. All players take turns sketching.
  9. The team with the most points after 12 rounds wins! If there is a tie, a tie-breaker lightning round of 2 minutes per team will determine the winner.


  • Each team can have 3 to 6 players.
  • No letters, words, or symbols can be used while sketching.  However, dollar ($), arrow (->), or plus (+) signs are allowed. Colors are allowed in the whiteboard.
  • When a clue or part of the word is correctly guessed, it can be written on the whiteboard.
  • In order to help the guessers, the sketcher can draw an “ear” to imply that the word “sounds like” and then draw clues.
  • The sketcher is not allowed to talk while drawing.  Additionally, the sketcher is not allowed to pantomime the word, but may gesture indicating if the guessers are on the correct or incorrect thought path.
  • All the guessers can shout out the clues/words that they guess, but only answers entered into the chat will be considered correct or incorrect. The moderator decides whether the guesses are correct or not.

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