Escape Room

Last year's Escape Room was so successful we are continuing the online experience by presenting PART 2 of the adventure!

Game times will be coordinated by the teams and must be complete by the end of October

Who Can Enter?

All TWU faculty and staff are welcome to join us to play the virtual Escape Room and win prizes! Note, we only have 10 licenses for teams to play, so register early to hold a slot!

What Can I Win?

Each player on a winning team will receive:

1st Place - $30 in TWU Dining Dollars
2nd Place - $20 in TWU Dining Dollars
3rd Place - $10 in TWU Dining Dollars

TWU Dining Dollar prizes can be used at any TWU Dining Facility (including Dallas & Houston cafes) and are good through September 2022 in case facilities are currently closed! 

Pledge donations for entry must be received before prizes will be sent to winners.

How Much Does it Cost?

A team consists of up to 6 players.  You can pledge $75 to coordinate your own team or $15 to sign up as an individual.  Individuals will be randomly assigned to teams.

How Do I Enter?

Register as a Team - $75

Register as an Individual - $15

How Do I Participate and What Are the Escape Room Game Rules?


  1. The team must be able to meet via your favorite communication platform. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, telephone, or whatever you would prefer. It doesn’t matter as long as you can talk to each other!
  2. Participants in a group will need to coordinate a time to play together before the end of October. It is recommended that you are all together in your meeting before proceeding further.
  3. READ CAREFULLY: A link will be sent to each participant with a license key. DO NOT visit the link and enter your license key until you are ready to play. Once a license key is activated it will only last for 24 hours! We are unable to reset a license once it is activated.
  4. Once everyone is in your meeting, the LEADER of the group will need to open the Google Chrome browser, visit the link in the email they will be sent, and enter the license key. The leader will need to choose a username, then create a private room (this is how you‘ll play together). This is done by entering a name for your room and pressing 'Create room'.
  5. Once the Room has been created, the remaining players will also need to open the Google Chrome browser, visit the link in the email sent, and enter the license key. The other members of the team must then type in the exact same room name and then click 'Join room'. You should then see the names of everyone playing.
  6. Have fun! 
  7. Scoring: Note that this is an escape room, so you will have to figure out as a group how the game works and how to solve the puzzles. We will not be able to assist you if you get stuck - you have to figure it out! There is a "Clue" option on each level, but be warned... The use of a clue will result in a 10-minute penalty added to your time when scores are tallied by the committee.
  8. IMPORTANT: At the end of the game, a summary will be shown with your time, and if you used any clues.  you must take a picture of this summary and submit it to with the names in your group to be eligible for a prize.  Don't miss taking the picture as once you navigate away, you cannot return to retrieve it!
  9. All participants agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Important Information & Troubleshooting

  • It is strongly recommended by the developer that you use Google Chrome to play the game.  Other browsers may not function as well.
  • The game should only take a minute or two to load and connect. If it takes longer this may be due to a network restriction. Please remove any such restrictions and refresh the page.
  • The in-game timer will count up, not down so you’ll have as long as you need to finish the game. The goal is to do it as fast as you can. We would suggest putting 60 minutes aside for experienced escape room teams and 90 minutes aside for less experienced teams.
  • Many of the puzzles will require you to cross-reference information but you will only be able to have one puzzle window open at a time. For this reason, we encourage taking notes and screenshots of anything that might be useful. Taking photos is not against the rules, in fact, it’s encouraged!
  • Very occasionally some browser configurations, 3rd party plugs-ins, or bandwidth issues can affect the game’s ability to load. If this happens, please simply force refresh the screen by pressing Ctrl + F5. If the issue persists, switch to a different browser or device.
  • If a player leaves the game, you can simply re-join the room.
  • The game is best played in chrome on a laptop or desktop, it is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.
  • The game is designed to resize to your browser window, but if you can’t see the whole screen or some parts are being cut off, zooming out on the browser may help fix this. In Chrome, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner to access the zoom function.
  • The game features sound, music, and video. To prevent this sound from echoing back into your chosen communication platform, we suggest wearing headphones to play. If you are unable to do this, it may be necessary to mute and unmute the game sounds when needed.
  • If you experience any issues that are not covered by this guide, please refer to the online troubleshooting page.

If you have questions about the event, please contact Heidi Collins at or 940-898-3200.

Page last updated 10:20 AM, October 8, 2021