Basket Building Challenge Auction

Three images of SECC baskets & bidding

Who can enter a basket?

TWU faculty and staff are welcome to enter the Basket Building Challenge and show off their creativity! Challengers may work individually, as a self-coordinated team, or as an Academic Component/Department team.

What can a basket win?

The winner of the basket that raises the highest bid donation will receive a pizza party!

How much does it cost to enter a basket?

Your entry fee into the contest is your basket!

What kind of basket should I make?

It's your chance to show how creative you can be... Large or small we want them all! Let your imagination guide your way to a world of creativity!

How do I enter a basket?

Register by completing TWU's SECC Basket Building Challenge Pledge Form

Baskets may be taken to ACT 10th floor conference room, care of Nora Sierra, or you may request an on-campus pickup by contacting Nora at or 940-898-3352.

What are the basket building challenge rules?

  1. Entries may consist of any socially acceptable theme.  Alcohol may not be physically present in the basket.
  2. Entries may not require heating or refrigeration as hot/cold storage will NOT be available.
  3. Home-baked items may be included, but must include an ingredient list to protect against food allergens and dietary needs.
  4. All containers and contents used to submit an entry are considered part of the entry and complete ownership will be transferred to the winning bidder.
  5. The organizers and TWU/SECC representatives are in no way responsible for the loss of any personal items.
  6. All participants agree to the Terms & Conditions.

If you have questions about the event, please contact Nora Sierra at or 940-898-3352.

Creating a basket

We really need your support in creating baskets for the auction this year. We know that it will be more of a challenge given many are working remotely and getting a basket together can be challenging under normal circumstances. We strongly recommend getting as early start as possible! Make sure to start coordinating a collective "theme" for your basket.

Ways to coordinate your basket building

  • Create a safe (monitored) centralized drop-off location near your office where people from your group can put the parts of your basket when they have time. You may want to clearly display the theme on a flyer/poster at the drop-off. You can list possible items that could be purchased as part of the basket.
  • Go virtual! It may be easier for your group to purchase basket parts separately and have them shipped directly to you to build the basket. You could create an Amazon Basket Wish List of possible items. Then send the link for the Basket Wish List to your group. They can purchase the items and it will be shipped to you!

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