Chancellor's Research Fellowship Program (CRF)

The 2022-2023 Chancellor's Research Fellowship Program (CRF) applications will be reviewed soon, and all applicants will be contacted.

This program provides support to promising scholars and their mentors to facilitate completion of a specific project. The objectives are:

  • to identify faculty with strong potential for obtaining external funding for research; 
  • to provide additional research support that will help protégés and mentors succeed in their research agendas; 
  • to facilitate the building of internal and external partnerships.

Protégés who demonstrate a strong potential for research select a mentor who can help them enhance their research program to become competitive for external funding. Mentors should have a successful record of research publication and external funding and possess the ability to successfully mentor research protégés. Please read the guidelines for more detailed information about eligibility and the selection process and criteria.

CRF Awardees for 2022-2023


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