Graduating with Honors

Requirements for Graduating with Honors

Wondering if you are at the head of the class? Here are the requirements for the various academic distinctions earned by Texas Woman's University graduates.

  1. Must earn at least 30 hours of coursework at Texas Woman's University prior to the final semester.
  2. Earn a cumulative grade point average upon completion of all degree requirements as follows:

4.0 to 3.9: Summa cum Laude
3.89 to 3.7: Magna cum Laude
3.69 to 3.5: Cum Laude

Honors graduates are eligible to wear a special honors stole and are denoted in the official TWU Commencement Program. The honors stole can be purchased through the TWU Bookstore. Unfortunately, academic distinctions are not awarded at the graduate level.

Texas Woman's University Honors Scholars

Students who complete the requirements of the Honors Scholar Program graduate in a separate category from the other undergraduates at Texas Woman's University.

Graduating as a TWU Honors Scholar is the highest distinction an undergraduate can achieve at the University. This accomplishment is acknowledged at the commencement ceremony with the presentation of a medallion by the Chancellor, the issuance of an honors certificate, and special recognition on the student diploma and transcript.

Becoming a TWU Honors Scholar Program Graduate is an achievement that will last a lifetime.

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